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s new addition Carlos Beltran says he is prepared for anything, just dont ask him what happened when you already know the answer Antworten

In the latest Burning Questions,?Texas Rangers new addition Carlos Beltran says he is prepared for anything, just dont ask him what happened when you already know the answer.Who was your favorite player growing up? Beltran:?Bernie Williams. He was a centerfielder and that was the position I played when I was growing up, before I signed as a professional. That was my position and he was one of the guys from Puerto Rico. I had the opportunity to play a little bit of winter ball with him when I was 18. That was a great experience. I grew up hitting righty, but I was thinking of becoming a switch-hitter. So he was a guy that I got the opportunity to watch and I was able to learn a lot from him. I didnt become a switch-hitter until I was a professional in single-A.Who is your favorite player to watch today (not a teammate)? Beltran:?Mike Trout. I like to watch him play. Hes very dynamic. Plays good defense, also a power guy. He can impact the game on the base paths, also. That was my game when I first came up to the big-leagues -- try to get on base, try to steal bases and try to play defense in centerfield.Who is your most underrated teammate? Beltran:?Mitch Moreland. Hes a good defender. He can impact the game offensively. Sometimes players fly under the radar, and hes one of those guys.Whats the most annoying question you are asked by the media?Beltran:?Honestly speaking, Im prepared for anything. But lets say something happened on the field, like maybe you dont get a good read, or maybe you dont come through, and they ask you, What happened? Well, you already saw what happened, so how do you want me to describe it? But I guess its part of the process.One rule you would change? Beltran:?Its gotta be the All-Star Game rule. Normally the fans choose the players they want to see, but I believe the manager should be the one making the lineup. Let the fans be in charge of choosing the players, but let the manager get to choose who starts.Who is ultimately responsible for policing the game? Players, manager, umpires, league? Beltran:?I would say its the league. Every organization is going to have their rules that you gotta follow, but the league is the one thats making sure that everything is looking professional.How big of a problem are PEDs in todays game? Beltran:?Players are more aware that suspensions are very strict these days. Theyre taking notice of that. They dont want to look bad. If this was back in the day, I would say it was a problem. There wasnt a rule implemented. Right now, with all the tests that we get, I think its good that baseball is headed to that direction. No doubt its better than it used to be. But I believe theres always room to improve.What is something that people dont know about you or have wrong about you?Beltran:?I dont really show a lot of emotions on the field. Thats who I am as a ballplayer, so people think that Im super super serious, but I like to have fun. But my fun is super-boring. Being with the family is my pastime. Every time I get the opportunity to be with my actual family, or my family back home in Puerto Rico, I like doing barbecues at the house. I make sure everybody comes, and I make sure they have fun. Cheap Basketball NCAA Jerseys . U.S. District Judge Lorna G. Schofield in Manhattan agreed that lawyers on both sides could make their formal requests by Nov. 8. A hearing is scheduled for a day earlier. Jordan Siev, a lawyer for Rodriguez, wrote in a joint letter to the judge from lawyers on both sides that MLB lawyers planned to ask that the lawsuit be dismissed. Cheap NCAA Jerseys From China . 1 position. The Mustangs (6-0), who beat Queens 50-31 last weekend, earned 17 first-place votes and 287 points in voting by the Football Reporters of Canada. Western was last ranked first in the country in October 2011. . Third-seeded Murray had the easiest path to victory on New Years Eve, barely breaking a sweat during his 6-0, 6-0 win over 2,129th-ranked Qatari wildcard recipient Mousa Shanan Zayed. Wholesale NCAA Jerseys Authentic Cheap NCAA Jerseys Football .Y. - New York City has been selected to host the NBA All-Star weekend in 2015, with the game played at Madison Square Garden and the slam dunk contest and other skills events held at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. MINNEAPOLIS -- Tight end Kyle Rudolphs two most productive seasons for the Minnesota Vikings were those in which he played every game.After all the surgeries, crutches and rehab, Rudolph has found a training program to supplement team-supervised workouts and improve his durability. The sturdiness of his body at 26 has become as important as the agility and strength needed to thrive in the NFL.Its all about playing 16 games, said Rudolph, who has overcome operations on his hamstring and both hips, plus a broken foot and a sprained knee.He enjoyed an injury-free season in 2015, his first since 2012. Rudolph found his happy place in downtown Minneapolis at the Mayo Clinic Sports Medicine Center through a joint venture with the specialized performance training firm EXOS.Jennifer Krogmans goal was just to do some pushups again after a wrist injury.It was a thrill, she said. This was the first progress Id ever made.After eight surgeries in nine years on her broken left wrist, Krogman has finally discovered a way to work out at an intense level without neglecting or damaging the joint that has troubled her.The activities this former high school basketball player and track sprinter has been engaging in at Mayos EXOS site in Rochester, Minnesota, actually arent that all dissimilar from what Rudolph has done to prepare for the football season.The elite athlete is the beacon that gets all the attention, but those same principles trickle down to how we treat every athlete, said Dr. Ed Laskowski, the co-director of Mayos sports medicine operation.Founded in 1999 in the Phoenix area as Athletes Performance, Inc., EXOS has used its experience training first-round draft picks and Olympians as a springboard into the corporate world. EXOS has more than 100 business clients, strengthening employee wellness programs or helping business travelers seeking healthier lifestyles.Call this the combine for the common folks.Obviously, the stakes are a little bit different. There may not be an audience. It may not be televised, but it still has a great internal impact on you, said Alex Lincoln, an EXOS vice president and a former linebacker at Auburn and with the San Francisco 49ers.EXOS is far from alone in the fitness marketplace. But the program is based on four pillars: mindset, movement, nutrition and recovery. Personalized, sustainable and measurable are parameters for implementation, blending high technology with sports science.Trainers can pull out an iPad to evaluate an athletes stride in attempt to correct a mechanical flaw or prevent further injury.A lot of exercise is based on tradition.dddddddddddd Were going to do something because thats what Arnold did to get stronger or a coach has told us stuff. Very well-meaning coaches, but a lot of stuff they told us was based on tradition and not based on the rules of the body, Laskowski said. So as weve developed those areas, weve found that there are biomechanical patterns that need to be optimal. Perfect practice makes perfect. We want you to be doing it right from the first time.Even with a wide range of costs, the individualized workout isnt cheap. Krogmans five-times-per-week sessions break down to about $20 apiece, though, a fee shes says is as worthy as the 5:45 a.m. starts.Now that shes mastered techniques for the deadlifts and other weight-bearing exercises without compromising her wrist, Krogman has set her sight on a more ambitious cardiovascular goal: the 7-minute mile she once could run.Everyone else has always told me, `No, you cant do this. You just have to get used to walking, running, riding a bike. Lifting weights, you cant do, Krogman said. I was like, `No, Im pretty sure I can still do that.College athletes have signed up for the program. Haley Nielsen and Stephen Kalina have taken part in small-group sessions at the Mayo-EXOS site in Minneapolis this summer, pushing sleds on the artificial turf and sweating through plyometric box jumps.Nielsen, a hockey player for Wisconsin-River Falls, came in search of more explosiveness on the ice. Kalina, a middle infielder at Purdue, wanted to stay in shape and add strength and weight while many of his teammates were playing in summer leagues.Im hoping to come back and show how beneficial it is, Nielsen said.Another key to the program is sports-specific movements that work the muscle groups needed to perform in game time. Kalina envisions stealing a base during crossover drills as he tries to explode out of his first three or four steps. Then there are the core muscles and leg muscles that generate the power in a swing.Its great to have the big biceps and all that, Kalina said, but you need a stronger base, so we really focus on that.Rudolph finished his second summer at EXOS before the Vikings reported to training camp. These days, his focus is efficiency and agility drills to mimic route-running down the field.A lot of times the guys who are covering me are much faster than I am, Rudolph said, but if Im moving efficiently, not wasting any motion, it gives me an advantage to get open. ' ' '



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