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dcast before his 2015 death by saying that he would always take his time when leaving the back and making his way through the cr Antworten

The Getting Over series aims to detail the psychological rules that the world of pro wrestling has developed over the past 100 years.Rule No. 2: A heel should get fans to respect some part of his character, as that will make them hate him even more.Drawing heat from a crowd is a job requirement for a heel. For those wishing to go a step further, they need to follow the advice of wrestling legend Johnny Valentine.Valentine, the father of former WWE superstar Greg The Hammer Valentine, was an all-time great heel and a man whom Ric Flair said he patterned himself after.Flair wasnt the only wrestler to do this, as his fellow Four Horsemen member Tully Blanchard learned a very important heel lesson from Valentine. Blanchard said Valentine instructed him that if you can get fans to hate you and then make them respect you, it would make the fans hate you even more.The reasoning behind this is fairly simple. If a heel can make fans respect him, the audience will want to like him but wont do so because of his underhanded tactics. That will frustrate the audience and make them even madder at his evil deeds.Since heels aim to do anything to get fans to dislike them, how can they do that while also getting fans to respect them?There are a number of paths they can take.Being physically toughJohnny Valentine gained respect from fans as a heel via his deliberate, brutal, hard-hitting matches. He sold every in-ring battle as a true fight by laying in his punches and chops as hard as possible and insisting that his opponent do the same. Valentine also avoided high spots or throwing his opponent into the ropes, as he figured those were things he or his opponent would never do if they got into an actual fight. This style required a slow-build approach to build interest, but once fans had a few weeks to get used to it, it allowed them to easily suspend disbelief in the faux battle and buy into the fact that Valentine was a legitimate tough guy who happened to be a heel.The hardest working man in the businessIn the case of Flair, one might wonder how fans could respect a man who bragged about having more money, bigger cars and prettier women than anyone and who would openly invite those pretty women on national television to come to the hotel The Four Horsemen were staying at (insisting they leave their boyfriends behind).Flair earned that respect by being the hardest working man in the business. A look at his month-by-month match totals during his prime shows that Flair was working nearly every day of the week, an incredible pace given that he was traveling all over the world during his years as the NWA champion. He closed out so many of his matches with one-hour Broadways (contests that ended in a draw) that he became known as the 60-minute man. Flair was also a world-class clotheshorse and, therefore, could make fans believe it when he said he never wore the same suit twice. He wasnt quite the workout maven that Bob Backlund was, but Flair did stay in immaculate condition and never let even so much as one root of his naturally dark hair ever show. As Triple H once said, a lot of guys tried to make this type of character work, but no one ever did it as well as Flair, and the reason was he put in the effort necessary to make it work.Walk slowlyRoddy Piper was so hated that he claimed to have been stabbed three times and shot at, yet he was able to earn respect because of his fearlessness. This trait showed up in his willingness to say or do anything, whether it was walking to the ring in a kilt, insulting Andre The Giant, smashing Jimmy Snuka in the face with a coconut or taking so many chain shots to the head in his Starrcade 1983 match against Greg Valentine that Piper legitimately lost a good portion of hearing in his left ear.Piper also sold the fearless approach by the way he walked to the ring. He detailed this in a Pipers Pit podcast before his 2015 death by saying that he would always take his time when leaving the back and making his way through the crowd. Part of this was designed to give the announcer time to segue from whatever he was talking about into a discussion of Piper, but it was also designed to show the crowd that Piper had no fear. He figured fans recognized that a man who walks slowly is either really confident or really dangerous -- both traits that draw respect.Speak your mindFor CM Punk, his open disrespect for fans, especially smart marks, should have caused those very fans to hate him. Yet they could not help but respect his unwavering adherence to kayfabe. Punks infamous pipe bomb promo, where he expressed frustration over the state of wrestling and his WWE career, was the definition of a worked shoot (meaning it was a planned element designed to look like it was unscripted and happened unexpectedly), but there are those in the industry who think that Punk actually took some liberties in the promo and said things he wasnt supposed to utter. Whether or not that is true, the fact that fans believed Punk was breaking the script and speaking his mind resulted from his 100 percent commitment to kayfabe. It allowed fans to respect him even when Punk was incessantly bragging about being the best in the world.An easier transition from heel to babyfaceNotice a common denominator in all of these wrestlers? They were just as successful -- and in some cases even more successful -- as babyfaces as they were when they were heels.Part of this has to do with the respect factor, making it a lot easier for these wrestlers to pull off the turn from heel to babyface. Without respect, the fans will only think negative thoughts about a wrestler and, therefore, wont be the least bit receptive to accepting the baby-face turn. If the fans respect the heel, they will not only be able to justify the turn, but will actually look forward to it. Cheap Jerseys Wholesale . Halladay signed a one-day contract with the Toronto Blue Jays on Monday that allowed the veteran right-hander to retire as a member of team with which he broke into the majors and spent the bulk of his distinguished 16-year career. Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping .S. hockey team after paying his dues as an NHL general manager for more than three decades and giving up a lot of his free time to help USA Hockey. . The mixed zone is not a place to make friends. Wholesale NFL Jerseys . Once again Jordan Cieciwa (@FitCityJordan) and I (@LynchOnSports) go head to head in our picks. Last weekend at UFC Fight Night 32 my #TeamLynch got the best of #TeamJC by a score of 9-6. Let us know which side youre on for UFC 167 use the hashtag #TeamLynch or #TeamJC on Twitter. Cheap Jerseys Online . A lawyer for MLB, Matthew Menchel, confirmed Wednesday the league dropped its case against Biogenesis of America, its owner Anthony Bosch and several other individuals. The lawsuit had accused Biogenesis and Bosch of conspiring with players to violate their contracts by providing them with banned performance-enhancing substances. She is still only 21.So ask PV Sindhu, who is back home after clinching her first Superseries title in China and following that up by reaching the final of another Superseries event in Hong Kong, what this phase on the road was like, and you get the response of a chirpy, sprightly young person relishing her time in the sun.She describes the two weeks as extremely wonderful, the victory in China as a great achievement and a tremendous experience. She winds down her sentence by saying reaching back-to-back finals made her incredibly happy.So, was the defeat in the final in Hong Kong to Tai Tzu Ying, an opponent she had beaten comfortably on her way to silver in Rio, at all disheartening?Nah. Sindhus default setting is upbeat.My opponent was extraordinarily brilliant on the court on that day, she concedes. And a few foul shots cost me the match.These have been a heady few months. Since that historic run to the podium in Rio, Sindhu has taken pride of place among Indias most prominent sportspersons. Her first two tournaments on returning to competitive play after a couple of months of manic celebrations and felicitations ended in early defeats in Denmark and France.Many wondered if the year would end in a whimper. But not Sindhu. In China, she battled through a string of long matches and backed it up in Hong Kong with four sparkling performances, demolishing the field in her wake, before going down in the summit clash.For coach Pullela Gopichand, who did not travel with Sindhu for these tournaments, the biggest takeaway from the last two tournaments has been watching her evolution as a player. Strokes they would practice on the training court were unleashed in match situations on unsuspecting opponents. To finish her semifinal in Hong Kong against local girl Cheung Ngan Yi , Sindhu jumped to play a reverse drop that caught her opponent completely off-guard because Gopi says nobody had seen her play that stroke ever.From her backhand lane, Sindhu was retrieving and hitting the shuttle cross-court, another addition to her arsenal. Nine-time national champion Aparna Popat likens that shot to Steffi Grafs single-handed, top-spin backhand. She believes Sindhus display of a wider array of shots is a reflection of a much higher level of confidence after Rio.As you grow as a player, against different opponents you find yourself in different situations, Aparna explains. You know you have to hit a particular stroke but you are not so confident to execute it. Thats when you go back to practice and practice very specific strokes under specific situations. For example that bbackhand cross, maybe 75% of the match you will play straight, but say at 16-all or 17-all you pull out one of those strokes.dddddddddddd.As you go along these strokes will keep getting added, one by one. The confidence to use the stroke is something that cant be practiced and cannot be taught. It is when you are so confident in general and when you practice it so much that you will dare to do something like that in a match.Aparna reckons Sindhu is a lot more settled with her own game these days. From being unsure at the start of the year whether she could even qualify for the Olympics, having been laid low by injuries and patchy form, to clinching silver has, in Aparnas estimation, relaxed Sindhu mentally.Gopi agrees increased confidence has led to a spurt in the strokes she feels comfortable employing even in closely contested matches. Sindhu is well aware that on an extremely competitive circuit with the top players in the world bunched together in ranking points, continuing to develop an all-round game is essential.Competition has always been there be it a small stage or big, Sindhu says. Meeting the challenges and winning them are the crowning glories that the titles carry. I feel more confident and also I have been working on all my strokes.Sindhus immediate challenge will be the Superseries finals in Dubai from December 14 where an elite field of eight players participate in a round robin and knockout format.For Sindhu to have accumulated enough points to even qualify for the event was a major surprise as she had missed a few Superseries tournaments at the start of the year. She says shes elated to have made the cut even as Gopi chuckles that he is now cancelling other engagements planned for the time to prepare for the event. As to whether she starts as among the favourites for the title on current form, Gopi offers a more cautious perspective.It is a very open event, he says. You cant rule out the Carolina Marins, Tai Tzu Ying and Sung Ji Hyuns of the world. Many of Sindhus wins and losses have been close matches, we have to remember that.Aparna agrees that the tournament is too hard to call. In her view, after the successes of 2016, Sindhu must target a swift rise up the rankings as her primary ambition next season.I think she should get into the top-5 now, it is high time, Aparna says. She has been hovering around the 9-10 level for a long time. That can only happen if she gets consistent success in Superseries events. ' ' '



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