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om, Bielema stands where he always does, right by the door, calling out every single player by name and knowing a little somethi Antworten

Mohammad Kamruzzaman, a veteran Bangladesh sports journalist, was 15 years old when he went to the Dhaka Stadium to watch the Pakistan-New Zealand Test in November 1955. It was there that Hanif Mohammad, the original Little Master, left an imprint in his mind.Nobody else could even make a fifty in that game, except Hanif Mohammad, Kamruzzaman remembers. He made a century, and handled the New Zealand attack really well. You could have called it a mediocre attack but on a matting wicket, they were tough to handle. John Reid bowled medium-fast in that game. They had a legspinner called (Alex) Moir. But New Zealand fell in big trouble towards the end of that game, losing six wickets for not many.Hanif, all of 20 then, brought up his second Test century, hitting 103 out of Pakistans 195 for 6 declared. The next highest score was Wallis Mathias, who made 41 not out.Kamruzzaman, studying for his matriculation exam the following year, remembers managing some money from home to watch the match like many others. I think my mother gave me money to buy the student concession tickets, he recollects. I think it was five taka for the four days. I was glad to witness the first Test century in Dhaka. Hanif used to be a subdued batsman, and he tackled the New Zealand attack almost single-handedly.Kamruzzaman, who has played the game at the club level and covered it for more than five decades, is now in his 70s. Hanif, he says, was adored by sport-loving Bengalis as much as he was in West Pakistan. Most vivid in his memory are Hanifs second and third Test tons at this venue, against England in 1962.Seven years later came those two centuries. I remember England were led by Ted Dexter and had a superb batting line-up. Hanifs first-innings century had some incredible shots, but the real hard work was in the second innings. He still managed to make 104 runs. See, he always batted for his team and hardly ever for himself.Jalal Ahmed Chowdhury, one of the most experienced coaches in Bangladesh, is younger than Kamruzzaman but played cricket for a long time. He remembers what Hanif meant for his generation that grew up in the late 1950s and early 1960s.In the early 1960s, I was still in school. I remember of hearing about this man who doesnt get out, Jalal recalls. A myth started to develop around Hanif Mohammad. He was one of the two stars we knew about in those days. The other one was Fazal Mahmood.Hanif became the idol for many of us. It had a lot to do about his endurance. By 1964-65, I started to get conscious about the game and one of the things I realised was that if Hanif did well, Pakistan would be saved. Like kids these days have Shakib and Mashrafe as heroes, in those days too they liked batsmen. Hanif became a favourite.He used to be known as a defensive player, but newspapers of the time regularly used a photo of him playing a slog sweep. It didnt really go with his batting style but I loved that photo. He understood bowlers very well. His evading technique always caught our eye and that was a big reason why he could tackle those big bowlers in the West Indies. He was a master of concentration.Jalal said Hanif was a hero for kids growing up then as the youth population wasnt fully aware of the political rhetoric involving Pakistan. Cricket was fun for us back then, he remembers. The only anger within all of us back then was about Bengalis not getting a chance to represent Pakistan in sports.Jalal also remembers the stories they heard in Dhaka about Hanifs breakthrough innings in Bridgetown. We heard stories about Abdul Hafeez Kardar slipping notes into his hotel room during his marathon 337 in West Indies. Apparently during that series, Hanif used to regularly have his meals at a Muslim home.Much like Kamruzzaman and Jalal, a certain generation remembers Hanif fondly. He was a charm before the world around them changed. But even in the Bangladesh of 2016, the news of Hanifs death brings sadness to an older generation who only have these memories to live by. Cheap NCAA Baseball Jerseys . -- Vincent Lecavalier got everything but the desired result in his return to Tampa Bay. Wholesale College Jerseys China .C. -- Kemba Walker and the Charlotte Bobcats got off to a fast start, and the Sacramento Kings were never quite able to catch up. . The Australian is competing in his final season in Formula One and still looking for his first win this year. He will look to end Vettels run of six straight race wins on Sunday. Webber, who is fifth in the championship, earned his second pole from the past three races and 13th of his career. Authentic NCAA Jerseys . After a lengthy wait, persistent rain finally forced the postponement of the Nationals game against the Miami Marlins on Saturday night. The teams, and a few thousand fans, waited nearly four hours from the 7:05 scheduled start time before an announcement was made shortly before 11 p. Cheap College Jerseys . Each of Houstons starters scored in double figures as the Rockets improved to 2-0 against the Spurs this season, with both victories coming on the road. They also moved within 3 1/2 games of San Antonio (22-7) for the lead the Southwest Division. Bret Bielema in a phrase? Fun but focused.A dyed-in-the-wool woo pig sooie -- or, for you youngsters, #WPS -- fan is departing a Razorback Club autograph line clutching her Arkansas football jersey that has just been signed by the head coach. She looks shell-shocked, as if she has just met Elvis.What did he say to you? she is asked. Trembling, she shakes her head to return to reality. He said my jersey was too nice and that I must have broken into the locker room and stolen it, and he was going to contact the police. Then he said he was joking and that I could keep it even if I did steal it because theyre going to play better than they did in those jerseys last year.See? Fun but focused.As his fourth Arkansas team files into its meeting room, Bielema stands where he always does, right by the door, calling out every single player by name and knowing a little something about each that will get under his shoulder pads. Whered my man get this haircut? Did you give it to him? Were the lights off? But then later, he grabs the same player when no one else is around. The kid is struggling in a science class and in the weight room, so the coach has a scheduling idea that he thinks might help with both. We gotta get that weight up, but we really gotta get that GPA up.Few coaches in big-time college football walk the fun-but-focused tightrope better than Bret Bielema. Some do fun at the expense of focus, but more go the other way.?Bielema, 46, has figured out how to walk that line straight down the middle. Hes the guy with the hilarious Twitter timeline that includes pics of his unknowing wife, Jen, cleaning the pool deck.Hes the guy who has replaced Steve Spurrier as the cant-miss news conference at SEC Media Days. In July, he held court on everything from Russell Wilsons wedding (I was at Russells wedding -- not in the wedding. I just sat and watched. I was the guy in the eighth row in the outside seat.) to Michigans cancellation of an upcoming series with Arkansas (The Michigan-Notre Dame thing sounds sexy to everybody else, but I think Michigan and Arkansas sounds sexy.).He stars in the reality show Being Bret Bielema, which recently moved from webisodes to ESPNU. Actually, he costars with Jen, whom, as the internet loves to remind us, he met at a Las Vegas casino. She was also the Freudian subject of a Bielema quote that YouTube will never let us forget, said when Bielema was ready to leave Arkansas roller coaster 53-52 win over Ole Miss last November, Im just looking forward to hopping on the wife -- hopping on the plane! Hopping on the plane with my wife. I cant believe I just said that.I cant believe he said that, either, she recalled with a roll of the eyes at SEC media days. But thats Bret. If people cant see the fun behind Bret, I feel sorry for them.Certainly, there are those who dont. Earlier this month, an SEC coach was quoted anonymously by as saying: Arkansas is getting tired of Bielemas bulls---. He hasnt won over nine games. Houston [Nutt] won 10 and was a hell of a lot better person.That coach, and the Arkansans he refers to, appear to be outnumbered -- at least for now. Time spent listening to local sports talk radio in The Natural State doesnt come with a lot of venom oozing through the speakers. Despite his living somewhere along the same timeline as fellow next-generation SEC head coaches such as Texas A&Ms Kevin Sumlin or Tennessees Butch Jones, Bielema doesnt seem to be shadowed by the statewide screams of Its time to get on with winning or else!I think people know we are building something here, and were trying to do it the right way, Bielema said.He audibly groans when thinking back to 2013 and his first Arkansas team, which went 3-9 and 0-8 in the SEC. He admits to wondering if the reasons he went to the conference -- the high levels of competition and passion -- might also be the reasons given for running him out of that conference before hed barely unpacked. The following seasons of 7-6 and 8-5, increasing SEC wins from zero to two to five and ending with bowl victories, have eased his mind. But only a little.We dont have guys getting into trouble anymore, certainly not like they were, he said. Weve brought our academics way up. And I think parents know that when we say were going to look out for their son, they know we mean it.dddddddddddd And their son knows hes going to have fun but also work hard.Then the coach repeats a mantra heard since his hiring. That being said, all of that only works if we win games. Were getting there. Im just fortunate to have people around me who know this is a long-term project.Certainly, a big portion of that sense of security comes from his boss, athletic director Jeff Long. It was Long who sent Bobby Petrino packing and went searching into decidedly non-SEC corners for a replacement. Ultimately, he found his way to Wisconsin, impressed by Bielemas Badgers and their three consecutive Rose Bowl trips, but even more affected by the handwritten note he received from the Wisconsin head coach complimenting the AD on how he handled the bizarre Petrino situation.What was portrayed as an unconventional hire makes a lot of sense in retrospect. Bielemas tractor-pull style of football was the opposite of Petrinos QB-centric methods, but it tapped into decades of Arkansas pigskin DNA. Bielema was painted as a Big Ten guy, and rightfully so, but Fayetteville has always been more Midwest than southeastern or even southwestern, no matter what conference it might belong to. The southern border of Iowa, where Bielema played for and coached under Hayden Fry, is just five hours north up I-35. Kansas State, where he coached under Bill Snyder, is also a little more than five hours to the west.He was always going to be a better fit here than some people were willing to admit, but theres a certain attitude you have to have to be at Arkansas, said Jimmy Johnson, who was a Razorbacks player and coach under Frank Broyles before he became the builder of The U and rebuilder of the Dallas Cowboys. Johnson certainly never had a difficult time balancing fun and focus. You have to come into Fayetteville with a bit of a chip on your shoulder. We arent Texas or Alabama, so we have to work harder. And when you do finally beat Texas or Alabama, that makes it just that much more fun, knowing what all you had to do to get there.Thats kind of like being at Iowa and beating Penn State. Or being at Kansas State and beating Oklahoma and USC. Or being at Wisconsin and beating Ohio State and Michigan. Bielema was there for all of that, learning under the tutelage of Fry, Snyder and Barry Alvarez, all members of the College Football Hall of Fame.A man with that kind of mentors isnt one to run a loosey-goosey sort of program, even if he runs that program while wearing flip-flops and blaring country music in his office. That office is covered in notes -- legal pads packed with observations from practice that will be ripped off and placed in front of Arkansas players and assistant coaches. They know those notes might come with the occasional ironic elementary school teacher-ish smiley or frowning faces, but they also know the information written below those scribbles is ultra-serious, just as they know that being late for anything -- and on time is late -- is an offense punishable by public humiliation.Youre only ever late to anything once, senior linebacker Brooks Ellis said. He is the perfect kind of Razorback, a Fayetteville native and pre-med student with a near-4.0 GPA. I honestly dont know what the punishment would be if youre late twice because no one ever is.This is the unmistakable work ethic of Bielema, a kid who grew up on a farm in northwestern Illinois, rising early every day to do chores and schoolwork, study football and work toward his dream of becoming an Iowa Hawkeye. Now hes an Arkansas Razorback. His drive has never wavered, a drive often taken with the windows down on his Jeep while listening to Justin Moores Kinda Dont Care with a pair of teacup Yorkies in the backseat hanging on for dear life.Everyone should have a goal in mind. I dont care what you do for a living, he said. But you also need to live your life a little bit. Look around, and see whats there. Find some fun. If you dont, this will drive you crazy. So head it off at the pass and be a little crazy first.That sounds fun, right?Yeah, coach, it does. Fun but focused. ' ' '



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