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The McLaren Report Part II, released Friday, is the fourth major investigative document on Russian doping to be published in the past 13 months. All were commissioned by the World Anti-Doping Agency. All were initially prompted by whistleblowers combined with journalistic pressure rather than proactive internal questioning and probing.Each has added a layer of understanding to the scope of centralized sabotage in Russia, where the tentacles extended from the government out onto the field of play. The countrys political-athletic-industrial complex reacted to each new anti-doping initiative with the organic response of antibiotic-resistant bacteria: It mutated and persevered. More than 1,000 athletes in 30 sports have been shown to be involved so far. Every major international competition within the past five years has been compromised on a scale that exceeds even the most cynical suspicions.There is enough revision needed to the medal standings that the International Olympic Committee really should schedule a midterm Games just to conduct fresh podium ceremonies -- assuming, that is, that the new recipients were tested as well. Because the most obvious conclusion to be drawn from the cumulatively numbing information on the table is that the current anti-doping infrastructure is far too easily gamed -- by Russia or by any individual, sport or nation with sufficient will and wile. As my British colleagues would say, it isnt fit for purpose.Never has the gap between cheaters and testers been so well-illuminated. As usual, that spotlight has been directed far too late to benefit any athletes who followed the rules. Such a gap is inevitable to some degree, but Russias system also flourished because the entities that run international sport are wired to protect their own turf rather than the grass, asphalt, hardwood, ice and snow where athletes compete.Wed like sports to be straightforward, and sometimes they are perversely so. Russias motive was plain -- a piddling three gold medals in the 2010 Vancouver Winter Games -- and some tools eventually used in that service were MacGyver-esque in their simplicity: Water and salt and instant coffee to alter dirty urine samples. Coke and baby bottles to stash clean urine for future swaps. Slim strips of metal to break into supposedly tamper-proof sample bottles and a pass-through hole in the wall at the Sochi 2014 laboratory.Much of this was previewed in Canadian law professor Richard McLarens first report, released in July three weeks before the Rio Summer Games to some controversy because of reliance on testimony from former Moscow lab director Grigory Rodchenkov.Rodchenkov, who first described?his experience to the New York Times last spring, adroitly played both sides of the fence, developing the science for better detection of steroid use while simultaneously crafting the methodology to beat it. (Fridays report also states Rodchenkov moonlighted as a Russian federal secret agent.) This is a meme often repeated in sports doping, where research can serve dark and light purposes equally well.McLaren Part II turned to forensic evidence to see if Rodchenkovs claims could be substantiated. The professor notes that many witnesses are still reluctant to cooperate because of fears for their safety, and many urine samples remain beyond his reach, long since destroyed or sealed up in the Moscow lab by Russian investigators, a label that should be an oxymoron by now.However, the testing McLaren was able to commission, and the correspondence and data lifted from Rodchenkovs hard drive, revealed enough to corroborate Part I of the report.There wasnt always enough clean or altered urine to switch for dirty samples. DNA testing showed that urine from different athletes was mixed. Russias most prominent athletes were placed on protected lists from the start, their samples automatically misreported as negative in the databases of the Moscow lab and WADA, or earmarked for swapping at competitions. The womens hockey team was elevated to that status on the eve of the Sochi Games, but equality of treatment in Russias national game proved elusive. Execution was sloppy. Male DNA found its way into two of their urine samples.At that point, Russia had gotten away with so much that it seemed unlikely that would ever surface.Isolated attempts to expose the system were ignored, shelved or undermined until it was no longer possible to do so, as was the case with the whistleblowing Stepanovs. McLaren highlights another example that is just as glaring in retrospect: The December 2012 email sent by discus thrower Darya Pishchalnikova straight to the WADA database, addressed to the presidents of the IOC, WADA and IAAF, track and fields governing body.The text of the email is included in the hundreds of pages of evidence posted by McLarens team on a searchable website. Its unclear whether wording is original or translated, but its content is unmistakable: Pishchalnikova, an Olympic silver medalist, had been busted. She didnt think it was fair, and she pointed the powers that be toward what she knew about bribery and sample-swapping.Its hard to parse whether she was being heroic or vindictive or both, but that doesnt really matter. There was no chance her tip was going to be pursued. Subsequent events have implicated the IAAF in the cover-up. Neither WADA -- which already had two-plus years of damning correspondence from Vitaly Stepanov at that point -- nor the IOC wanted any part of lifting the curtain. Soon enough, Pishchalnikova was suspended by her own federation.The evidence against Russia should lead to the kind of broad sanctions rejected by the IOC before the Rio Games. No international competitions should be held in a country with a noncompliant anti-doping agency and continued obstruction of outside efforts to test its athletes, as was documented at last months WADA Foundation Board meeting in Glasgow, Scotland. Russian athletes are still playing hide-and-seek from testers in closed military cities; there is a shortage of trained doping control officers; and record-keeping is sketchy.Repeat: No international competitions. That should include the bobsled and skeleton world championships slated for February in Sochi, and it should include the 2018 FIFA World Cup. No athlete -- including any Russian athletes, by the way -- should be asked to compete there until the security of their urine samples and internet accounts can be better assured. Do you believe in miracles? It would take an unprecedented one to fix whats wrong in Russia in the next 18 months.Russia should also be excluded from the next Winter Olympics, specifically for rigging its own Games. The boundary between individual and collective responsibility so ballyhooed by the IOC last summer is dissolving and diluted, watered down by the near-certainty that athletes knew providing clean pee in a Coke bottle wasnt standard operating procedure. Denial still reigns, in this appointment of a home team defender to a key anti-doping position?and the continued dissent from Russian officials.But the McLaren Report has to be viewed in a context far larger than Russia, as well. It follows, by mere weeks, an extensive critique of the anti-doping process at the Rio Games. And it comes after months of sample retesting from the 2008 and 2012 Summer Games by the IOC that has revealed a preponderance of Russian positives concentrated in two or three sports.First, on retesting: Its a good tool. But the way the IOC has conducted it, with little transparency or useful detail, gets us nowhere in terms of understanding the institutional failures. The dozens of busts for old-school steroids have come from a relative handful of nations, including many former Soviet republics. The vast majority are from the already-battered sport of weightlifting, along with the field events of track and field and a smattering of wrestlers.It defies reason that the retesting has not ensnared athletes from other sports with high stakes and payoffs, that not a single medalist from swimming or gymnastics or tennis or basketball or the 100- or 200-meter events on the track has been caught. It defies common sense that there are no medal winners from North America and few from Western Europe or Asia -- or any household names at all -- on a list that has doubled since the summer and will continue to grow.We dont know which sports and athletes and nations may be cleaner, because we dont know who has been retested. This information has been withheld by the IOC on the premise that revealing it could somehow help the cheaters -- but unless there are mouse holes in every WADA-accredited lab, how would posting test distribution data on 8-year-old samples affect reanalysis results?Meanwhile, we are told 500-plus retesting results from the 2006 Torino Games are locked up by some sort of legal issue. We are told the retests from London 2012 will continue right up until Tokyo 2020. The athletes are told to be patient. They have every right not to be. They have every right to wonder if the IOC is doing the minimum possible to show it is doing something, rather than making its best-faith effort.That is the conclusion I would draw if I were asked to give up more and more of my privacy, and put more and more of my medical information into an online system that has no checks and balances and a vulnerable firewall, only to see it manipulated to favor my competition, with no way to recoup my moment or my monetary losses.Anti-doping will never be perfect, but it could be better with independent, critical thinking applied by executives who arent mired in conflicts of interest and the archaic courtesies of the bowler-hat era of amateur sport. Theres no better illustration of that than the entrenched and until now unchallenged practice of putting host countries in charge of their own Olympic doping labs, under the purported oversight of the IOC. The Sochi lab was efficiently corrupt in pursuit of its goal. Rios operation was dysfunctional in a completely different way, as budget cuts, understaffing and lack of experience resulted in massive testing deficiencies in the run-up and on the ground.Who couldnt see that coming, in a country that only formed its anti-doping agency after winning the Games bid, from a lab suspended multiple times over the previous four years? Leaving the most crucial element of competitive integrity in the very hands of the people most driven to protect the image of the competition is insanity defined.The same should be said about the overlap in leadership and voting membership between WADA and the IOC and its international sport federations. Yes, it would be a challenge to find competent people with no vested interest to run anti-doping, a specialized field that demands scientific, medical, ethical and sporting expertise. But unless the IOC can recognize that it has to shell out money for this purpose while ceding control, the credibility of its flagship event will continue to erode.We may want that event to divert us, to be an island apart, but the waves of money that have flowed into the big muddy delta of Olympic sport for the past four decades have swamped that notion. International competition can reflect many admirable things, but its not an escape from human frailty and greed. It holds a mirror up to those qualities, too. And the bureaucracies surfing the borderless Olympic industry need to look straight at it. Air Max 2019 Release . Ronaldo produced a spectacular individual performance on Tuesday, scoring all three goals and guiding Portugal into the next years World Cup in Brazil with a 3-2 victory in Sweden. The Real Madrid forward has scored 66 goals in 2013, but the last three may be the boost he needs to upstage Messi after FIFA unexpectedly extended the voting period for the Ballon dOr to Nov. Cheap Air Max 2019 . The Swede became the first golfer to win the PGA Tours FedEx Cup and European Tours Race to Dubai in the same season. "It is still taking a little time to sink in what Ive achieved this week as was the case when I won the FedEx Cup but then it just kept getting better and better as the days went on and I am sure this will be the same," he said. . With the first unit struggling of late and Amir Johnson - one of the teams iron men - hobbling on an injured right ankle, Patterson knew he could get the nod in a challenging matchup against one of the leagues up and coming players at his position. Nike Air Max Plus Sale . Third-seeded Murray had the easiest path to victory on New Years Eve, barely breaking a sweat during his 6-0, 6-0 win over 2,129th-ranked Qatari wildcard recipient Mousa Shanan Zayed. Air Max 270 Flyknit Sale . John Tavares, Thomas Vanek and Kyle Okposo were also being counted on to slow down sizzling Rangers forward Rick Nash. That plan didnt go so well early. This page will be updated with new questions and answers up until just after noon ET, so refresh often to see if your question was answered. The most recent answers will appear first.Sometimes, rankings and columns just arent enough to help you decide which player should go in your lineup. If youre still not sure about that final spot before Sundays games kick off, send us a question on Twitter using the hashtag #startsitESPN, and you just might get yours answered below.Each week, ESPN Fantasy analysts KC Joyner and Jim McCormick will provide advice for players just like you stuck with tough choices to make.There are four teams on byes in Week 11, which creates additional lineup dilemmas, so lets get started on answering your fantasy football questions for this weeks games.Brady or Mariota? Big playoff implications #StartSitESPN- rick harrison (@rickhsells) November 20, 2016It all comes down to upside. Brady is still one of the best percentage plays of the week, but with Rob Gronkowski and Chris Hogan out and Julian Edelman and Martellus Bennett both listed as questionable, Bradys upside potential might not be as great as Mariotas. Add in Mariota having posted 25 or more points in four of his last six games and it would give him the upside edge here. -- KC@ESPNFantasy #StartSitESPN Bortles or Tyrod?- Billy Holland (@LilBillHolland) November 20, 2016The main issue for Taylor is how much of his production of late has occurred on the ground, as 29 of the 65 points he has scored over the past three weeks were the result of rushing plays. Its a bit risky to assume that this type of ground production will continue, so Bortles would be the selection. -- KCStandard scoring would you go with Rob Kelley or Jordan Howard? #StartSitESPN- wxlee (@WilliamOexle) November 20, 2016Since both players are bell-cow ball carriers for their respective teams, the tiebreaker here can be found in receptions. Kelley has caught only two passes this year in part because Washington has a strong third-down back in Chris Thompson (who has 30 receptions on the year). Howard leads the Bears running backs in targets (24) and receptions (18), so the tiebreaker goes in his direction. -- KC#StartSitESPN Todd Gurley or Latavius Murray? Standard scoring- Christine (@TeenahTine) November 20, 2016Gurley has not posted a single game this year when his good blocking yards per attempt (GBYPA, my measure of running back productivity when receiving quality run blocking) was above the league average of 8.2. Gurley is also battling a thigh injury and is on a team that has a rookie quarterback making his first start (Jared Goff). Murray has an injury issue of his own, but otherwise has an edge in every other area, so he is the pick here. -- KC#StartSitESPN Jordan Reed or Eric Ebron? @ESPNFantasy- My5sons? (@TweetingLaurenX) November 20, 2016Over the past three games, the Packers have allowed 24 receptions for 276 yards and two touchdowns to opponents tight ends. Since the Washington-Green Bay contest is quite likely to turn into a shootout, Reed should be used very often in an effort to exploit this coverage weakness and thus gets the nod here. -- KC#StartSitESPN Big Ben or Mariota? Worried about the wind in Cleveland- John Woodward (@jwoodward1776) November 20, 2016The wind could certainly cause the Steelers to run the ball more, but they could also be motivated to re-establish the ground game after last weeks rushing debacle against Dallas that saw LeVeon Bell gain only 57 yards on 17 carries. The weather wont be a factor in Indianapolis, but injuries to both of the Colts starting cornerbacks could make the Titans want to test their aerial attack as much as possible. Those factors mark Mariota the choice here. -- KC@ESPNFantasy Brate @ I stream Julius Thomas or Fiedorowicz?? #StartSitESPN- Velvet Jones (@DSTRK_KWBY) November 20, 2016My matchup grade rating system measures matchups on a 0-100 scale, with 100 being the most favorable. C.J. Fiedorowicz does well in this area with 65 matchup points in Week 11, but Thomas has a rare 100 score in his matchup against a Lions defense that has allowed a touchdown to opponents tight ends in all but two games this year. That type of matchup advantage makes Thomas the selection in this one. -- KCStefon Diggs or Jimmy Graham (PPR) #FantasyFootball #StartSitESPN #FFNow- Matthew Aung (@Aunger95) November 20, 2016The Cardinals are likely to be without Tyrann Mathieu in this game. That should help Diggs, but he still has to contend with Patrick Peterson, one of the leagues best shutdown cornerbacks. The Eagles secondary has allowed the second-fewest points per game to opponents tight ends but have allowed five or more tight end receptions in two of the past three weeks. Seattle will aim to test Philadelphias coverage in this area, and that gives Graham the advantage in this matchup. -- KC@ESPNFantasy #StartSitESPN Dolphins or Seahawks D/ST?- Corey Rittmaster (@CoreyRittmaster) November 20, 2016The Rams offense is about as favorable a matchup as a D/ST can face, as it gives the Dolphins a rare perfect 100 matchup points total in my grading system. Add in Los Angeles starting a rookie quarterback and Gurley battling an ankle injury, and Miami is the way to go in this one. -- KC@ESPNFantasy.... Carson Palmer or Collin Kaepernick? ...should I mention Im a patriots fan?! #StartSitESPN- Kristen Vadala (@KristenVadala) November 20, 2016So the real question here is can you justify starting Palmer so you dont have to root for Kaepernick against the Patriots? The Vikings have allowed 14, 14 and 18 points to opponents quarterbacks over the past three weeks. Minnesota has also allowed 95 or more rushing yards to opponents running backs in each of the past four games and gave up 120 or more rushing yards in two of those games. Those elements place a ceiling on Palmer that is likely to be in the 14-18 point range. Kaepernick wont get much done in the air with Torrey Smith likely to be out of this game, but his rushing ability will likely keep him around the same point range as Palmer, so feel free to bench Kaepernick and start Palmer. -- KC#StartSitESPN Ladarius green or Kelce- Brian Austin (@brianaustin83) November 20, 2016Kelce has a perfect 100 score in the rating system. He could also be tops on the Chiefs passing target priority list since Jeremy Maclin is out for this game. Greens matchup is just as favorable, but he was limited in some practices this week and isnt anywhere near as high on the Steelers passing target priority list. That makes Kelce the pick in this one. -- KCRishard Matthews or Starks at my flex #StartSitESPN- Trish Diaz (@trailrunner02) November 20, 2016The Colts secondary will be missing one of its starting cornerbacks (Patrick Robinson), and its other starting cornerback (Vontae Davis) is battling an injury. Those factors give the Titans passing attack a potentially huge boost, and they make Matthews the selection in this one. -- KC@ESPNFantasy #StartSitESPN PPR Eifert or Walker??- John A Specht (@killerwarhawk) November 20, 2016Delanie Walker has an awesome target share of the Titans offense, especially with Marcus Mariotas amazing red zone production -- the quarterback has 30 touchdowns and no interceptions in the red zone over his career. While Tyler Eifert has been productive in his return, matchup and volume favor Walker, who has averaged 7.6 receptions and 82 yards against the Colts in three meetings since last season. -- J.M.Do I start Bortles or Taylor in week 11? #StartSitESPN- Kristen Dunkle (@kristendunkle) November 20, 2016Still sticking with Taylors higher floor thanks to such steady rushing production. -- J.M.Deandre Hopkins or Cameron Meredith? Cant believe Im asking..#StartSitESPN- Travis Garner (@TwGarner8) November 20, 2016Brock Osweilers inefficiency (last in yards per dropback) limits the appeal for Hopkins, but his massive target share still gives him the edge over peers like Meredith, who hasnt yet established a rapport with Jay Cutler. - J.M.#StartSitESPN Danny Amendola or riddick at flex- Pj (@SuperJParty) November 20, 2016Has to be Theo Riddick, as hes had at least 15 touches in his past six games, while Amendola is merely a complementary target on the Pats. - J.M.@ESPNFantasy landry or Beasley? #StartSitESPN- Trey (@_itsTreys_World) November 20, 2016Its a valid dilemma, but Landry is essentially the higher-ceiling version of Beasley, as both are reception-dependent receivers. - J.M.#StartSitESPN Cousins or Winston at QB- George Taboada (@georgiietbone) November 20, 2016Going with Cousins at home against a Green Bay defense that has allowed the second-most points per drive over the past three games.dddddddddddd - J.M.@ESPNFantasy #StartSitESPN Rasheed Jennings or Carlos Hyde- Jeff Nerderman (@jeffnerderman) November 20, 2016Carlos Hyde is in a nice spot as the goal-line and feature back for the 49ers, a team that heavily feeds their backfield with touches no matter the game flow situation (i.e. they run/feed the backs even when down). -- J.M.#StartSitESPN White or Britt at the flex? .5ppr- Noah Kim (@noahftw12) November 20, 2016Prefer Britt to White, as hes on pace for more than 1,200 yards and could be a heavy target of Jared Goffs in his debut, given their rapport in the preseason. -- J.M.#StartSitESPN ppr Bernard or Prosise in my flex- jerry straus (@jerrystraus15) November 20, 2016ESPNs Sheil Kapadia envisions C.J. Prosise leading the Seahawks backfield in touches, while his receiving skill set supports a high floor in PPR leagues. -- J.M.Dak or luck #StartSitESPN- jacob meckem (@jacobmeckem) November 20, 2016Siding with Luck, as hes in a higher-volume passing game. Prescott is still a strong option, of course, but Baltimore has allowed the fewest points per drive in the AFC, thus there is a matchup angle to help differentiate. -- J.M.@ESPNFantasy #StartSitESPN Rob Kelley or Lamar Miller?- leander cohen (@leanderco) November 20, 2016Miller is off the injury report, and the Raiders have proven generous to backs on a per-touch basis, thus hes the stronger fantasy option of the two. -- J.M.@ESPNFantasy James Starks or Isaiah Crowell (Standard League) #StartSitESPN- Big Fella (@vance_refrig) November 20, 2016Crowell gets the nod with a nice series of touches and claim to any rewarding goal-line work. -- J.M.Zach Miller or Eric Ebron? PPR league. #StartSitESPN- Troy Humphries (@Troy_Humphries) November 20, 2016Prefer Ebron, who has enjoyed a nice rapport recently with Stafford, while he could prove busy across the middle. -- J.M.#StartSitESPN Flex: Z. Miller or T. Riddick??- A N G (@anaimgarcia) November 20, 2016Riddicks workload is strong enough to support a stable fantasy floor, earning him the nod over Miller. -- J.M.allen hurns or cameron meredith? #StartSitESPN- Alex Behling (@abehling27) November 20, 2016Meredith is the stronger option with Hurns target-per-route rate proving inefficient lately. -- J.M.@ESPNFantasy #StartSitESPN Davante Adams or Jarvis Landry? PPR- Tez (@Ki_klevirdad) November 20, 2016With Jay Ajayi running wild for Miami, passing volume has dipped for the Dolphins, with Landry losing value as a PPR asset. The Packers, meanwhile, are passing the ball nearly 50 times a game over the past month, supporting a nice market share for Adams. -- J.M.#StartSitESPN Wich 2 shld i start?? D.Hopkins,D.Baldwin, or S.Diggs- chad moyer (@moyer685) November 20, 2016I have Hopkins rated lowest of this trio, which is a result of facing David Amerson and dealing with Osweilers sluggish production. -- J.M.Robert Kelley or Latavius Murray? #StartSitESPN #FFNow @ESPNFantasy- Kev (@pepsmcfc) November 20, 2016With his recent uptick in production and goal-line success, Murray gets the nod over Kelley, who has a lower ceiling without any receiving work. -- J.M.@ESPNFantasy #StartSitESPN jimmy graham or martellus Bennett- Manny Sal (@manny_sal11) November 20, 2016Just over 47 percent of Tom Bradys fantasy production has gone to his tight ends, while Bennett could net a strong share of targets with Rob Gronkowski sidelined. -- J.M.@ESPNFantasy #StartSitESPN Pick 2...Davante Adams, Randall Cobb, and Michael Crabtree- Jason Barnett (@BoxerJ1974) November 20, 2016Lets go with Michael Crabtree and his 23 percent share of Oaklands productive passing game and Davante Adams, who could be a target hog against Bashaud Breeland today with Josh Norman likely assigned to Jordy Nelson. Randall Cobb is a nice option, but based on his usage this season, he has the lowest ceiling. -- J.M.@ESPNFantasy #StartSitESPN Mariota or Big Ben?- Nikolai Hartleb (@nikolai_hartleb) November 20, 2016Siding with Marcus Mariota here, as the high winds and potential for the game script to trend run-heavy for the Steelers gives the nod to the Titans quarterback. While Mariota could also hand off a ton today, his touchdown pattern since Week 5 is truly elite, while his matchup signals a potential shootout. Its close -- Im not fading Roethlisberger, particularly -- just believe if we have a strong alternative it could make sense to avoid that windy climate (reports suggest winds of 30 mph in Cleveland). -- J.M.Crowell or Gurley? #StartSitESPN- Trevor Payton (@payton_trevor) November 20, 2016This is somehow a completely legit dilemma in 2016. That said, I prefer the potential for 20-plus touches and any goal-line work for Todd Gurley over the valuable slot receiver. -- J.M.@ESPNFantasy #StartSitESPN Tyreek Hill, Tajae Sharpe- Hoon (@theycallmehoon) November 20, 2016Tajaé Sharpe just recently scored his first touchdown, but his general lack of big-play prowess limits the appeal for me. Meanwhile, Tyreek Hill could again see a nice batch of targets with Jeremy Maclin out and bubble screens for the Chiefs against a fallible Tampa secondary. Hills 4.24 speed helps support a higher ceiling than Sharpe provides. -- J.M.Amari Cooper or Rishard Mathews at WR2? Allen Robinson is wr1 #StartSitESPN- Wito Acevedo (@WitoAcevedo232) November 20, 2016Word is Amari Cooper will start on Monday night despite dealing with an injury, per Adam Schefter of ESPN. Matthews has been great in the touchdown department, but Coopers 25 percent share of Derek Carrs attempts is a valuable advantage over Matthews touchdown-dependent profile. -- J.M.#StartSitESPN Cole Beasley or Jordan Matthews?- Matt Lawrie (@foresublimelion) November 20, 2016Cole Beasley has at least 50 yards in all but one game this season, but his ceiling is truly limited and even compromised in this matchup against the Ravens, as Baltimore has ceded the second-fewest points per drive to opponents. Jordan Matthews faces a tough Seattle secondary, but the spot to challenge them is from the slot, where Matthews runs the majority of his routes. -- J.M.@ESPNFantasy in a standard league need a TE kelce or miller? For a RB should I start gurley or j.white? #StartSitESPN- A guerra (@ag_650) November 20, 2016Lets go with Travis Kelce and his uptick in target share with Maclin out. Ill take Gurley with Whites workload in the passing phase likely compromised by the presence of Dion Lewis. -- J.M.Baldwin, J. Matthews, Marvin Jones? #StartSitESPN- Eduardo Fumo (@eduardo_fumo) November 20, 2016For me, its Doug Baldwin, as hes in a great spot, since Russell Wilson seems revived from the pocket and the Eagles have just one corner ranked in the top 102 among corners, topping out at 62nd at the position. -- J.M.@ESPNFantasy Would you go with Thomas Rawles today in PPR or stay with James White? #StartSitESPN- Chris Dobins (@Cdobin06) November 20, 2016Thomas Rawls offers more upside, as White would need to score in the passing phase from outside a goal-to-go scenario most likely, since LeGarrette Blount dominates those scenarios. Rawls, at least, could earn valuable shares of goal-line work for the Seahawks in his return as the teams early-down bruiser. -- J.M.@ESPNFantasy Rob Kelley or Eli Rogers in my flex this week? #StartSitESPN- Steven Diel (@stevenmdiel) November 20, 2016I dig Kelley, as hes due around 20 touches against a Green Bay defense that is missing inside backer Jake Ryan. -- J.M.#StartSitESPN Golden Tate or T Pryor at flex spot? 0.5 PPR @ESPNFantasy- Amy (@SweetHomeAmy) November 20, 2016With the reception reward, I actually prefer Golden Tates higher floor, as the Lions offense relies heavily on high-percentage, short-yardage work that fits Tate well. -- J.M.@ESPNFantasy Ware, Starks or Jennings in my flex? 0.5 PPR & 0.25 PPC. #StartSitESPN- Scott (@flatsix02) November 20, 2016Gotta be Spencer Ware, as this total-yardage maven faces a Tampa defense that has allowed 100 yards on the ground and 50 yards receiving per game this season. -- J.M.#StartSitESPN PPR, Vikings D or Giants D?- Graham Flashner (@GrahamasterFlas) November 20, 2016The Giants have forced seven turnovers and average 2.5 sacks over the past month, while Jay Cutler is last in QBR and is a great matchup for opposing defenses. -- J.M. 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