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s still unfamiliar with the community at the time and didnt know anyone really, so after Day 1, I just went home and watched the Antworten

GULLANE -- Hideki Matsuyama became the second player this year to get a one-shot penalty for the slow play in a major. It nearly cost Guan Tianlang a weekend at the Masters. It was far more costly to Matsuyama on Saturday in the British Open, where he was only three shots out of the lead when he was assessed the penalty on the 17th hole at Muirfield. His par turned into a bogey, and the 21-year-old Japanese star made a bogey on the 18th for a 1-over 72. The Royal & Ancient said Matsuyama and Johnson Wagner were 15 minutes behind schedule and out of position on the golf course, meaning they were being timed. Matsuyama took more than a minute on a putt at the 15th hole for a warning. The R&A said he took two minutes, 12 second to play his second shot out of deep grass on the 17th, leading to the penalty. Wagner said he supports penalties for slow play -- just not in this case. "Given his position in the tournament, and given the shot he faced on 17 -- laying it up out of the fescue over the gorse and pot bunkers -- I dont think he took too long," said Wagner, who had a 73. "I think he executed a really good shot and under the situation, I think its tragic. And I think the R&A should use better judgment." Guan, the 14-year-old from China, also was given two bad times in the second round of the Masters and assessed a one-shot penalty. He still became the youngest player to make the cut in a major. Slow play has been criticized so much over the years that the U.S. Golf Association launched a campaign last month, including a series of commercials with the theme, "While Were Young" from the movie "Caddyshack." The two slow-play penalties in the majors this year have been assessed to players who were 14 and 21. Matsuyama already has three wins on the Japan Golf Tour -- one of them as an amateur -- and at No. 44 is the highest-ranked player from Japan. He played the first two days with Rory McIlroy and Phil Mickelson and opened with rounds of 71-73. He ran off three straight birdies around the turn as he climbed up the leaderboard, and despite a pair of bogeys, was still within range. The penalty didnt help. Wagner said he argued on behalf of Matsuyama in the scoring trailer to no avail. Wagner said if it he had received the penalty, "Id have gone ballistic." "They said they gave him extra time," Wagner said. "But his caddie had to pace all the way to the fairway, 100 yards to get his carry number. Im as against slow play as anybody, and I respect everything everybody is doing. But man, the kid was playing great today ... and I think its terrible that he got penalized." Jeff Mathis Jersey . LOUIS -- Attorneys for the St. Chris Owings Jersey . Speaking Thursday on TSN 1050 Thursday, the Leafs GM also touched on the questions surrounding the teams leadership and the struggles of his big-name free-agent signing. “Its not from lack of effort from the coaching staff. . He just needed to be his best twisting, turning acrobatic self. "I didnt need to be anybody else, I just needed to be myself and be aggressive," said Burks, who scored a career-high 34 points to spark the Utah Jazz to a 118-103 victory over the Denver Nuggets on Monday night. Clay Buchholz Jersey . -- Ohio States Urban Meyer has never had any issue acclimating to the biggest stages in college football. Andrew Chafin Jersey . Pierce was ejected in the third quarter of Indianas 103-86 win Monday. George Hill stole a bad pass and was going in for a layup, and Pierce hustled back and appeared to be trying to wrap him up. For Super Smash Bros. Melee players, the word offseason is a bit of a misnomer. The once seemingly brief Summer of Smash didnt end this year after Juan Hungrybox DeBiedma collected his Evolution Championship Series trophy at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. Recent events like Clutch City Clash, Super Smash Con and Shine gave players who felt like they didnt live up to their potential in June and July more opportunities to showcase their talents. Some even congregated at Dairly Beloved, an event that featured not just a Zachary SFAT Cordoni victory, but also a wedding.While players have a longer and longer list of events they can choose to attend, there is no question that certain events are currently venerated for various reasons; however, they rarely start that way. Five years ago, it seemed like the Midwest was a barren spot for Melee players, but an event in the shadow of Michigan Stadium did more than attract top players from outside the region to Ann Arbor. The Big House showed the world that the Midwest had talent -- they just needed the right opportunity.When I started ... it was a dark time for Michigan Melee, James Duck Ma explained. This was during 2009 when Brawl was taking over everything and most of the Michigan Melee players had quit or switched over. It took a pretty long time for us to get more than 20 to 30 entrants.The Melee scene hadnt had a major event held in the region since FC Diamond in 2007. The following four years would see a dearth of high-level competition in the heartland. Players would have to travel east for the Pound or Revival of Melee series or west for Genesis to get a taste of what other regions had to offer and witness the rise of some of the most esteemed players today.Things would change Oct. 22, 2011.When The Big House rolled around, our whole region was extremely excited, simply because we never got to see how our good players would do against some top out-of-region talent, Abhishek Prince Abu Prabhu said. People traveled much less back then, and there were far less big tournaments, so it was really cool to see SFAT, [Johnny S2J Kim] and [Oscar Lovage Nilsson] come to the Midwest.Lovage would eventually defeat S2J to take that initial event. Despite the fact that the last remaining players were California natives, the newfound interest in Michigan would innervate the entire region, helping a new generation of players rise to the occasion with each passing year.I first started playing in Michigan in summer 2012, Kalindi KJH Henderson recounted. My first Big House was The Big House 2; this was also my first national ever. Despite not making it out of Round 1 pools, I did beat [Weston Westballz Dennis], who was like a hero to me at the time, so that was cool. I was still unfamiliar with the community at the time and didnt know anyone really, so after Day 1, I just went home and watched the rest on stream, which was a big mistake.The Big House 3 was different; I felt like I had improved a ton, made more friends and was ready to compete. I played Hungrybox, [Aziz Hax Al-Yami], [Kevin PewPewU Toy] and finally had made it to the last day. The Big House 4 was huge, [Joseph Mango Marquez], [Jason Mew2King Zimmerman], Hungrybox were in attendance, and it was so cool to see [Adam Armada Lindgren] and [William Leffen Hjelte] playing in Michigan.Last year, some would say the event was overshadowed by Leffens absence and what it might portend; this year, the Michigan scene wants to become the star of the show. The players want to show that they, and the Midwest as a whole, have grown and evolved as a region and cant be overlooked any longer.It is the only major tournament where the whole crowd goes wild for Midwest players, and playing in front of a home crowd like that is a huge motivation boost, Prabhu continued. Ill never forget how crazy the crowd went at The Big House 4, where [Kyle Kalamazhu Zhu] beat [Joe Lucky Aldama], [David Kirbykaze MacDonald], [McCain MacD LaVelle], and almost beat Hax to finish at ninth, and [Kelly Kels Smith] made an insane losers run to place fifth. Or last year, where Duck beat [James Swedish Delight Liu] to place ninth, and [Stephen Abate Abate] beat S2J and [Jeffrey Axe Williamson] to make top eight. That kind of atmosphere is something that makes Big House really special as a Midwest player, and I have no doubt that The Big House 6 is going to be equally hype, especially if one of the top Midwest players breaks into top eight.The series is known for its no-nonsense attitude, as organizer Robin Juggleguy Harn is noted for being especially stringent with how the event is run. When talent in the region wasnt a draww, the efficiency of the event had people planning their trips to Ann Arbor months ahead of time.dddddddddddd. Out of his own pocket, Juggleguy helped bring S2J and Lovage to the event and made one of the best investments for the Midwest as a whole.Its probably the only tournament series where you can guarantee everything will run smoothly and on time, Ma added. Juggleguy has instilled the fear in everyone, shown that he doesnt tolerate lateness, and hes willing to disqualify anyone. Beyond that, the tournament boasts 63 of the top 100 players this year, in addition to legends like Lovage, [Tony Taj Jackson] and [Charles Fuzzyness Kimmelman]. People are willing to go out to a tournament they know is going to be amazing.Discipline is a must for potential entrants, as you cant prove how good you are if you are disqualified for breaking tournament rules. That philosophy has spread beyond tenets of event organization and into how the region is managing its own growth and shaping its future.I play friendlies at locals nonstop now, and play with Duck maybe once or twice a week, Henderson remarked. A key for me to close the gap is to use my time wisely, meaning if I cant play as much, then I should study my sets more, theorycraft with other players and overall just think about the game more in my spare time.Free time to play is extremely limited, but I have been making efforts to play a little every day to keep my execution and movement smooth, Prabhu expounded. More importantly, I theorycraft with Duck, KJH, and Kalamazhu, as well as regularly think about the game and analyze my play as well as Hungryboxs. When I study myself, I try to look for and fix specific scenarios I regularly get outplayed in, or spots where I could optimize my punish more. When I study Hungrybox, I really try to look at his neutral game in every matchup and figure out what makes it so much tighter and better than mine. I look for positioning, SDI and little tricks he uses to trap his opponent in positions where he can open them up and kill them.Moving forward, I need to continue to improve my neutral and my knowledge of every single matchup, and in addition, I think I need to start learning how to better play the player as opposed to just the matchup ... I need to learn how to take advantage of specific player habits -- habits that separate [DaJuan Shroomed McDaniel] from Swedish Delight or Lucky from [Aaron Professor Pro Thomas] from [Mustafa Ice Akcakaya] and so on. Every player plays differently, and theres no magical formula to beat every option for most matchups involving two good characters. Mastering the art of adapting and countering specific strategies and habits is a huge skill I need to work on. Although this level of preparation is generally needed for top players, the stakes are higher when some are looking to you to carry a region on your back.The Big House 6 is the second or third most important event to me, Prabhu explained. Overall, Id say making top eight at Evo would mean more to me, and making top eight at Genesis would mean slightly more to me. Because of the size and stacked nature of The Big House 6, as well as the home-field factor, it is extremely important to me, and I cant wait to go out and compete.The Big House has definitely been a roller coaster for me, Ma confessed. The first one [was] where people from the coasts learned who I was, so it holds a special place for me. My placements actually dropped almost every year as the competition got harder and harder. I was finally able to make it to a ninth place finish last year but was just short of top eight. My goal this year is definitely to make that top-eight spot and represent the Midwest. Making top eight would be the culmination of all the hard work Ive put in since last year. It would be my first top eight on American soil, and it would mean a chance for the Midwest to play in another top eight at a national. Doing it at The Big House 6 on home soil would just be icing on the cake.There has been no offseason for Melee in Michigan. Every second theyre not working to improve is a second that someone else is working to catch up to them; every minute they take off lets those that are ahead of them push further. The region has come so far in the last decade. Last year showed that they were on the cusp of brilliance, and this year they intend to show that they have broken through. There will be plenty of other opportunities to do so as the tournament scene grows, but of course, theres no place like home. 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