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Puppies, kittens, and little squirrels live together in the forest. They are three close friends, but these things have changed completely in one day Marlboro Gold. One day the kitten found a seesaw in the forest. The kitten was so excited that he hurriedly called the little squirrel to play. Because the kitten wanted to play too quickly, he forgot to call the puppy in a hurry and joy Newport 100S. After that, I almost forgot the time. When the puppy found that their two good friends were gone, they went to play with them. The puppy did not find it for a long time, and the puppy continued to find it. Finally found them in one place. It's so uninteresting to see them playing the seesaw and not asking them to play. So the puppy was very angry. Afterwards, the puppy knew that the kitten did n��t call itself, not the little squirrel, so the kitten did n��t blame the little squirrel, and blamed it on the puppy ��s head. The little squirrel thought it would n��t happen. What a big deal is just a little awkward, but this little awkwardness has been troubled for four or five days. The little squirrel means this solid seriousness Marlboro Lights. He went to persuade the kitten to apologize to the puppy. The kitten also agreed after all I'm not right, there are good things that should be shared with everyone, but the kitten goes to apologize and the puppy can't listen at all, but instead says: don't want me to play, don't call me, we won't play together again in the future. After talking about the puppy for a long time, I talked to the puppy for a while, and the puppy thought: I just forgot to call you. The more the puppy thinks, the more unwilling he is. Then the puppy started to fight with the kitten, and this matter made the original relationship worse, such as worse. This incident caused the forest to fall into silence. The lively forest began to quiet down. The little squirrel saw the originally inseparable good friend, and turned into a stranger who did not speak to each other. The little squirrel was very sad. The little squirrel looked at this scene. The heart wants to reconcile them. After thinking for a long time, the little squirrel finally thought of a good way. When the puppy was not at home, he bought a bone and wrapped it in a beautiful box. There was a note on it saying that the puppy was sorry. I should not forget Sorry for you, let's reconcile! ���� The kitten squirrel bought a fish while the kitten was not at home, wrapped it in an exquisite box, wrapped in a note on it, which read: The kitten is sorry for me Sorry, you should n��t put on a stinky shelf, let ��s be reconciled! Puppy. When they came back to see, the note and the gift were very moved that the other party even bought a gift for themselves. The puppy went to the kitten's house to apologize, and the two of t
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