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is in charge. Theyre the ones who hand down rules and suspensions and policy and all that kind of stuff. Its the players job in Antworten

In the latest Burning Questions,?Adam Wainwright shares his insights on instant replay and performance-enhancing drugs, just dont ask him what his game plan is for his next start.Who was your favorite player growing up?Wainwright: Growing up, I couldnt name just one person. It would be Glavine-Maddux-Smoltz. I grew up in South Georgia and was a huge Braves fan. Every night was a big deal for me to sit down and watch the Braves games and go over what the pitchers were trying to do out there. Those three guys were the cogs of a rotation that led them to 15 or 16 division titles and a couple World Series, the championship in 95. It was just fun for me to watch. I watched their induction speeches. John Smoltz was maybe the best Ive ever seen, which doesnt surprise me. He talks for a living now, but he talked for a living before that, too, before he got paid for it.Who is your favorite player to watch today (not a teammate)?Wainwright: Position player-wise, I would say Giancarlo Stanton. I like watching his highlights of balls no one could hit even with a fungo bat, light-level shots. Thats fun to watch. I like watching him. I used to be a huge Roy Halladay fan, watching him pitch. I love strike throwers. I love watching guys who pound the zone, who are not afraid to come right after guys and throw it in the zone. My game is not like a lot of the young guys now. Everybody throws 100 [mph] now. Johnny Cuetos a guy I can watch. He and I pitch similarly. But if theres a guy Id pick as a pitcher, Id pick Clayton Kershaw all day and twice on Sunday. The guys just a specimen. Hes fun to watch.Who is your most underrated teammate?Wainwright: That answer would be Jaime [Garcia] if he stayed healthy. Hes a guy you never hear about, but hes had some injury problems so I understand why hes not in that conversation. Hed be my guy.Whats the most annoying question you are asked by the media?Wainwright: Why dont you answer that question for me? The question I never answer is a question the day before my start when a reporter will say, Whats your game plan going into the game? How do you plan to get these guys out? There couldnt be a worse question. Why would you ever answer a question like that? As an example, when Im watching game film, I always listen to the opposing teams commentators because they sometimes give away what the hitters are struggling with. Its happened to me in the postseason before, too, where a team told the media how they were going to approach me the next time I faced them and I totally used that against them. It worked really great. I never answer any question about how Im going to pitch a team, because you never know whos watching or listening to it.One rule you would change?Wainwright: I would change the replay rule. Theres no waiting around on every call and seeing what upstairs says. The manager has 10 seconds after a play is made to throw a flag. He gets three flags a game and he has to throw it right away. He has a chance to look down at his coaches and say, What do you think, go for it or not? If theyre like, Yeah, you throw it right away and it speeds the game up.Who is ultimately responsible for policing the game? Players, manager, umpires, league?Wainwright: Ultimately, the league is in charge. Theyre the ones who hand down rules and suspensions and policy and all that kind of stuff. Its the players job in the clubhouse to make sure people are doing the right thing and baseball is being played in the right way. Managers can only do so much in that regard. Players should police themselves at some point, but eventually its always going to come down to the league. Guys should take it upon themselves to run hard and be focused on every pitch and protect their teammates if guys on other teams are not being responsible with their pitches, but I dont know if thats a popular answer, but thats the way it should be.How big of a problem are PEDs in todays game?Wainwright: Every time I think theyre not a problem, someone tests positive. I dont think theyre nearly as prevalent as they were, obviously. I think steroids were running rampant through baseball and, probably, through all major sports. But nowadays if you dont get caught with a blood or urine test, youre going to get caught with a paper trail. Eventually its going to get you. Its completely asinine to take anything illegal. I wouldnt know how big a problem it is because its such a hush-hush quiet deal if anybodys taking it, and everybody denies it. But I dont think its nearly the problem that it used to be.What is something that people dont know about you or have wrong about you?Wainwright: I like to think Im portrayed as a good person and good teammate and if Im not, then thats what people dont know about me. I do sometimes hear people say, He doesnt throw 95 mph any more, but hes still pretty good. Ive never thrown 95, not in high school. I remember Chris Carpenter used to always look out at somebody who was throwing 97 and be like, Remember when we used to throw 97? and Id be like, No. Ive never done that routinely. There have been times in my career where I reached back and got 95 or 96 or, one time, 97, but Im the 91-93 guy. Thats pretty much what Ive always been. It hasnt fluctuated nearly as much as people think. Wholesale Air Jordan 3 . Datsyuk will miss Tuesdays game against New Jersey and could be sidelined longer, while Cleary will likely miss at least the next three games. Its been an injury-plagued season for Datsyuk, who has suited up for just 39 games. Cheap Wholesale Jordan 3 Shoes . -- Patrick Reed got an early start in golf. . The Montreal Canadiens announced on Friday that the veteran forward will return to the teams line-up on Saturday night when the Habs visit the Nashville Predators. Cheap Air Jordan 3 Wholesale China . However, he did make them miss him a little less. Cundiff, who had the unenviable job of replacing Dawson last season, agreed Thursday to a one-year, $1. Wholesale Jordan 3 Sale . -- San Francisco 49ers linebacker Ahmad Brooks was fined $15,570 by the NFL on Wednesday for his hit on Saints quarterback Drew Brees last Sunday. Duncan Spencer finished a 16-match first-class career with 36 wickets at 39.22. It doesnt sound like much. But there more, much more, to Spencers story. Writing for the Nightwatchman, published via the Guardian, Rob Smyth seeks out the man himself and delves deep into a fascinating story.Spencers first high-profile match was against England, or rather England A, during a tour match at the WACA in 1992-93. He bowled 42 no-balls in 35 overs, a reflection of how things could go wrong when his rhythm was not quite right, yet he still made an impression and dismissed Mark Lathwell, Graham Thorpe and Graham Lloyd. He was so quick that the keeper Campbell stood outside the 330-yard circle.dddddddddddd He had us hopping around, remembers Lloyd. Very unpleasant to face: short in stature, quite erratic, but extremely fast through the air. Our batsmen were saying things like, I dont think Ive faced anyone as fast as that. Lloyd played with Wasim Akram at Lancashire and felt Spencers pace was comparable: Id say he was as fast as Wasim, possibly even a bit quicker through the air in certain spells. He seemed to come and go pretty quickly. But as a one-off, and certainly at Perth, he was as fast as anything I faced. Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys Cheap Adidas Hockey Jerseys Wholesale Nike Baseball Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys From China Wholesale Jerseys China Wholesale NFL Jerseys China Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys Free Shipping Cheap Nike NBA Jerseys Authentic Cheap NHL Jerseys Canada Cheap Nike MLB Jerseys Cheap Soccer Jerseys China NCAA Jerseys Cheap Nike NHL Jerseys China Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys Store Cheap Football Jerseys Store Wholesale Soccer Jerseys Jerseys NCAA China Jerseys NFL Cheap Cheap Nike NBA Jerseys ' ' '



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