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22.05.2019 10:46
Walking on the way Antworten

Walking on the way home as usual, the sun is shining, the sky is full of summer flowers, the shade of the corridor is filled with scent, the light and shadow seem to be a little distorted, and suddenly I seem to cross. Walking from one picture to another, going straight back from the future, I saw my face and many friends chasing the tidbits in the air, they smiled, and I laughed at what prompted this illusion. However, I always wanted to understand the mystery of it. Until then I realized that it was the smell. It was the smell of poplar. It reminded the past time, clear and profoundly returned to my mind, and it was raging. On New Year's Eve, there is also the smell that belongs to it - lively and sincere, it brings me memories, makes me miss and pain, and makes me forget everything that happened on this New Year's Eve because of the sound of firecrackers and the smell of gunpowder burning. The appearance of the year is interrupted Carton Of Cigarettes, and every time I smell it, there is always a feeling of Chinese New Year. Every time I sniffed, I could go back to the cold room accurately, see a bed, an old man on a bed, she was facing me, sleeping in the air, her white hair scattered on the pillow. Covered with wrinkles and deep old face last October, my grandfather was late in the lung cancer, I received a call from my mother at school. She said: My son is coming back, come back to see your grandfather, I hang up and call to buy a ticket to go home, all the way Silent expression is sluggish, leaning on the window to think about everything about grandfather. In my memory, he always appears in a tall image, serious but very kind, and he is always busy in the impression that people may always have a little nostalgia for their hometown, the atmosphere of their hometown and When the familiar land slowly appears in the eyes, the heart always has an inexplicable sorrow and grief, like a long-lost lover. I am back today, but my eyes are full of tears, not because of the long-lost kindness, but because of the loss that I am about to face. It is more painful than death, and it is ten times more than death. When I got home, it was noon, my family had just eaten, I went to see my grandfather, and my grandmother rushed to serve me. Now the grandfather has cut his hair, oxygen is inserted in his nose, and the body in the quilt looks so thin and small, only a little. I didn't dare to look at him and bowed my head. "I went to the dinner," said that I was going out quickly. I was afraid. I was afraid that my grandfather would see me crying. When he would feel bad, he would meet the grandmother who was eating rice. His hair was white, his movements were slow, and his tears fell. I bite my teeth and try to keep myself from crying. Grandma trembled and put the rice on my hand and said: Nothing, your grandfather is ill, OK, it��s okay, you see him is getting better now.�� I sat on the sofa and buried my head in the bowl. In the second day, the snot and the tears fell into the house. The grandfather��s condition worsened. His breathing was not enough. He had to eat for a few minutes and he was suffering for ten minutes. The grandfather was 73 years old. I never saw him crying, but this time he cried, he was too uncomfortable, sobbing like a child, and we can only look at him but there is no way. In fact, we all know the result but everyone still holds hope. I hope that there will be a miracle. My mother is smashing her head in front of the Buddha statue, and her head is broken. Maybe people can only pray for the help of the gods when they can't do anything, but those gods are always standing by, indifferent and terrible. Grandma. Sitting in the bed, listening to the grandfather's crying suddenly turned to curl into the corner of the bed, back to us lying down and picking up. Helpless and desperate have hit him, because she can't do anything, lonely Desperate. At this moment, I know what is truly empathy. My grandfather is the only person in the grandmother's world. This is called a couple's companionship. Many times, the family said that they should give the grandfather a shot of peace, so that the grandfather can leave quietly, even if we It��s so sad. But my grandmother said, I know that he is uncomfortable, but he is better than anything. Perhaps, at this moment, no one can understand the grandmother��s loneliness and no one can understand that the grandmother��s inner struggle is still gone. He wants to live, and at the moment he is dying, he said that we are going back to the hospital. I miss him very much. I have seen him in many dreams. He is still tall and silver-gray, and he went home for two years. Tonight is New Year's Eve, the sound of firecrackers blasts the night sky, the house is filled with incense sticks of incense Marlboro Lights, and the taste of the year is everywhere. The hustle and bustle of happiness and happiness have always felt sad, is it because there is one person missing, or because This year's New Year's Eve, there is an old man who will spend a person, or both of them have just passed seven o'clock, I decided to go see her grandmother and accompany her so that she does not feel cold. The light in the room was bright but very quiet. When the door was gently opened, the grandmother had already slept, the little body was lying in the big bed, the bed was still two pillows, and the two bed quilts were now alone, she I can't read TV, she can't read, she doesn't know anyone, I know, she doesn't want to go to sleep so early, but she can't do it. Before the former grandfather sat in front of the fire and watched the late spring night, the grandmother always urged him. It��s too late to go to sleep Marlboro Cigarettes, and all of this has disappeared. I remember once, my grandmother read the newspaper, she took it down but she was still looking over and over. I didn��t tell her, I felt bad about her, but I want to know that she What else? Besides, what else do we have except her grandfather? She always has a busy housework on weekdays, but today, she doesn��t know what to do, no grandfather Online Cigarettes, her world is desolate, that little road We can't find a grandfather's figure anymore. We all have our own life. We are young and have a wonderful world of flowers and flowers. And her world is only two people. Now it is one. I finally understand God's good intentions. I always think that the program of love is only for the prosperity of human beings, so that completely different men and women can accomplish tasks in mutual harm. I feel that God is selfish, and later I found that I was wrong and completely wrong. Love is not just a candy trap for people, it is also a companion to help us find a lonely world, the shoulders of the next year, because the last life can only bloom again in the world of two people Marlboro Red, and then the beautiful decline in the quiet



M.C. Klein

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