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13.07.2019 08:09
Dear baby, today Antworten

Dear baby, today is your birthday. Time flies so fast, you will spend 13 years with me in a flash, you will grow taller than me from a small point; looking at such a person, in fact, my heart is very proud, Compared with the mother at the age of thirteen, you are much more beautiful, more confident, and more happy. The only bad thing is that learning is not good for me, huh, huh, but my father and I no longer ask you, our only The wish is that you are healthy and mentally healthy. Take you to pick the gift you want, then you take out your savings, ask me to eat with your dad, look at your childish look, enjoy your love, I suddenly feel so moved. Dad tells you that today is your birthday, but it is a mother's hard day. Thirteen years ago, my mother suffered the same pains as all the mothers in the world, so that you can come to this world, no matter how perfect your life is, you are God gives gifts to parents; no matter how many grievances you have, you should have a grateful heart, thank God for letting you come, thank you mother can let you feel the beauty of the world. In fact, I really don't want you to grow up. When you grow up, you have to carry a lot of things and learn to accept a lot of things. I always put you in the greenhouse. I am afraid that you can't stand the wind and can't afford the rain, but What should I do. You came back from school that day Marlboro Cigarettes, not the same as usual, and more melancholy. You told me quietly; Mom, I am sick today. I smiled as usual and said, nothing, it��s gone. You paused and said softly; if I can't, what should I do? At that moment, I was stunned. I didn't think about this question. I just didn't have an answer. So I chose to escape. I didn't expect you to ask me. At that moment, I finally realized that you grew up, whether I want it or not. No matter what I accept. I am pulling your little hand that seems to be cold forever; it will be good Newport Cigarettes, as long as you are brave enough, as long as you listen to the doctor, it will be good. How can I tell you, maybe this disease will follow your life, my mother will feel pain when she thinks about this, but we still have to live well, be happy, nothing can't be done, right, I Dear child. A little person, actually has a small vanity and self-respect, and when your father returns to his hometown, it is the place you have been yearning for. I thought that you will wait until the end of the month to let me pick you up. The result is only three days. Only, you have to return, you look for a variety of reasons Marlboro Lights, but they can't lie to me, and finally you tell me that you are sick again. You don't want to be ugly in front of those loved ones, you are afraid that they will laugh at you, my poor child Carton Of Cigarettes, your grievances make me feel helpless, my love whip is beyond my reach, and my love can't do anything. Watching you grow up day by day, feeling a little bit of change, I feel more and more that I am powerless. This letter is the gift that my mother gave you birthday, waiting for you to grow big enough, etc. You experienced setbacks, or waited for your mother to be with you that day If you see these, you may feel that love has never been far away from you, and you will be brave enough to face everything, because I always believe that love can resist Everything.

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