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In this world, even Antworten

In this world, even if you are guarding the parents and children who are rich in blood, even if you are accompanied by a loving lover, after all, you will feel lonely for a moment, no one can truly integrate into your soul, even if it is like me. Such simple people, occasionally, will become silent because of their thoughts. My friend always talks with me in the dead of night. He is so eager to live alone, but he is always in the crowd gathering place, he said; loneliness is his fate, even let him not even love were able. I don't know how to persuade, because his heart has been left alone in the boundless desert. He is immersed in his own world from beginning to end. The world's affairs and people are just one for him. In the puppet show, he was silent in the performance of others Cheap Cigarettes. Other people's love can't be accepted, his love has nowhere to stop, I can't find the right wordsng feelings should be dull. I am a very good friend with Lin Pengjun, so that he can return to all of my schools after a year of re-reading, even though he can go to a better school. He is two years younger than me, one meter tall and nine meters tall. I am one meter tall. When we stand together, the scene can no longer be funny. And we don't care about such a funny gap. Every time we walk together, we are very happy and don't care about the surrounding vision Newport Cigarettes. He helped me with my bag, and the bag seemed to him to be funny on his back, but he always said that nothing is okay, I can help you to say that we can't say it, so that everyone around us will be with us. I have nothing to do with it Marlboro Cigarettes. I feel that our feelings are purer than snow. Where can I like to go up? I am still as I used to, as long as I go to the East School Parliament Cigarettes, I will definitely go to him and call me every other time. But then he started to ignore me. I don't know where the problem is, I am slightly sad. Halfway through the summer, Lin Pengjun came to our struggling and struggling remedial class on a starry night and stayed there for several days. The atmosphere was very good that night, and the seven people were very busy togethe to try to change it, and there is not enough reason to support his depression. I can only be a loyal friend. I am actually a special person. People who are easily moved, I believe that people will be happy as long as they have love. Life is purely accidental. Every life depends on another life because of love. Every life is independent and never will be Love belongs to another life, so love can soothe loneliness but ultimately can't eliminate loneliness. Loneliness is the fate of human beings. Each of us is a casual passenger in this world. From nothing to nothing, no one can change anything. Such a deep sorrow and helpless emotions, in fact, everyone will have, people need a partner to live in the world Marlboro Gold, talk to you, eat with you, hurt you in life, take care of you physically, but Your spiritual happiness can only depend on yourself. People's inner heart is far less powerful than we think, so we are very easy to get hurt, it is easy to be lonely, loneliness is just an emotion, it is always with us, it is inseparable, but it is not a symbol of the weak. It is not a product of no love. Love can make people feel happy, but loneliness look at it, there is a kind of beauty. I am really afraid that there will be too much time in this life to be alone. I am afraid that my body will be slow and weak. The depression is going on, but I am extravagant for occasional loneliness, because every loneliness is a rainbow, and there is a beautiful beauty.
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