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Every evening, my wife went to the wild for a walk. It almost became an unwritten rule. Apart from overtime and going out, no matter whether it was wind or snow, walking became an indispensable part of my life. It��s said that people are over forty years, and they are in their prime, their bodies have begun to have some overdraft, and some occupational diseases that should not be there are: cervical spondylosis, arthritis, migraine, gastroenteritis... It is a very painful torture, wife! Not to mention that, only last year, I lived in three hospitals. Until today, I still have daily medicines and my illness is unclear. I want to evoke youth, I want to continue life, I want to recover a healthy body, I want to get a happy state of mind, the best way is to take a walk. In the evening of autumn, I always go underground early, go home to wash rice and cook, and when I put the food on the table, my wife also arrives at work. Only when the door slams, the wife comes in. The first sentence is: "Is the rice ready? Take a walk!" I pointed at the dinner table and said, "You said nothing, I have eaten it, I am waiting for you!" The wife smiled and washed his hands Wholesale Cigarettes. At the table, I took the rice into my stomach three times. The sun was setting. After we finished the meal and brought the kettle, we began to walk along the mountain path and slowly climbed up the slopes. The road is a small intestine, and both sides are covered with weeds. After a while, it will stop for a while. I looked back at the small town below the mountain. The little mountain town was like a baby in the cradle. It was lying quietly in the valley. It seemed to be falling asleep. It was surrounded by mountains and the mountains were covered with dense trees. The scenery at dusk is beautiful, the sunset is in the mountains, the evening glow, the smoke is lingering, dreamlike. The mountains are solemn and solemn, and the towns under the hills and the surrounding villages are quiet and comfortable Cheap Cigarettes. Sometimes I will see the fog, and the fog will circle the mountains. It seems to be dark, oh, I don��t know. But in the autumn, although at dusk, it is more and more dark, although there are some embarrassing, the scenery is still clear, the road is still clear. From time to time, I pass by some small hills. From time to time, I meet some familiar and unfamiliar folks. I say hello and ask a good one. This is a common thing. The farming people worked hard, and after the autumn, they seemed to have a lot of busy things. Although the rice was put into the warehouse, the peanuts also had oil, and the sorghum and the corn were all off, but the farm work was far from over. Along the way, you often see the peasants who are rushing to the cows and plucking the ploughs; they often meet the mountain people who have come down from the winding mountain road. They either chop wood back or finish the chestnuts. Or the bearded persimmon, camellia seed, tung oil seed, wild mountain fruit return, the clothes are very worn, the face is often black and sweaty, but always looks full of spirit, strong spirit. What the peasants are relative to me is the leisure; what I lack relative to the peasants is the healthy body. The busyness of the peasants is to survive for survival; my walk is to catch up for health. Autumn dusk is actually very beautiful. Whenever I see the late return of the country, I am envious of the excitement. The free and idyllic life of sunrise and sunset, in my opinion, they seem more free than the many rules and regulations of my work. I have been exhausted in the long-term workplace. I am exhausted, physically weak, and unable to get the release. Only walking, only sinking into the embrace of nature, the melancholy mood is slightly relieved. The peasant brothers who are busy for survival, they can't understand the pain in my heart. They also have an envy for my walk, but this envy has infiltrated some sly ingredients in the autumn evening. Walking on the mountain road, throwing away the sorrows, and bursting into it until the stars appear in the night, until the moon shows up in the clouds, we slowly move toward the return.
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