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Ancient winemaking may be a chance. For its sweet and fragrant, rich and fragrant, or drunk, do you not know? Where is the wine coming from? Who is the first to brew? We don't know. However, the wine is still with some kind of poetry, and it floats to us. Sitting on the winter night, the wine in the furnace is a discretion, and it is a realm to understand the richness of life in the wine and the book. The two met in one room, and they were acquainted with each other at the table, and they were acquainted with each other. Miscellaneous, sloppy, staggered, mountains and tsunami, sorrowful songs, cups and messes, sleep each other, can be regarded as the most poetic drinker of ancient times as Li Bai. He toasted to invite the moon to drink, and laughed out of the sky; drunk into Chang'an, and stepped out of the capital; he used "five horses, thousand gold ��" in exchange for fine wine, carrying a wine glass riding a white deer to travel to the mountains and rivers. He loves wine, loves the moon, and loves poetry. He comes from poetry and wine. He died for drunkenness, and a pool of clear water became the home of his life. He is a poetry, also a wine fairy! The cup of Du Fu��s drink is very painful. Although it was not the loss of the "cloudy wine, a family of thousands of miles, the Yan Ran did not return to nothing", but also because of the birth of the Tang Dynasty, was forced to go far away from home by the war, and the ideal ambition to report to the country was also lost. Its grief is also painful! Its injury is also bitter! "Turning down the new turbid wine glass", wrote all the bitterness and infinite feelings of depression that are born and born. In fact, the most bleak drinking scene is to say goodbye. Whether it is the ten-mile long pavilion, the tears of the hand, the sadness of the "dumen's account, no drink", or the Jiangyang River head, the "drunkenness" of the maple leaf scented flowers, let us perceive the pain and sorrow of life and death. The autumn wind is cold, the autumn rain is pattering Cigarettes For Sale, the leaves are ruthless, the water is intentional, a glass of wine, feelings and feelings, hurt and know. Today it seems that it is indeed a silent pain. The most tragic drinker among the literati should be Cao Zhi who "retains his name" because of the wine. After the expedition, he was drunk by his brother, and he knew that this was a conspiracy and trap! The father scorned and fell out of favor, which in the end made us feel more resentful and sad. After the death of his father, Cao Zhi, who was proud of his arrogance, used wine as a tear, tears and weeping, hiding in his home to try to escape the catastrophe, but he could not get rid of his brother��s persecution. Seven steps for poetry, one step at a time, the sprinkling on the ground, all the bitter tears and miserable wine, the most lethal of our heart is the cup of wine Guan Yu picked up. Hua Xiong, the number of squadrons, those arrogant and conceited soldiers face each other Newport 100S, no one dares to play. Guan Yuxi, shooting horses, dancing knives, wine is still in the air, has been arrogant Huaxiong under the horse, its heroic, swaying heroic spirit, a little bit. Wine, once married with politics, the scent of the mellow smell seems to be much less. A glass of wine, Zhao Wei let the military commanders such as Shi Shouxin who set up the heroic battles to return to the field. Since then, the Song Dynasty's Jiangshan has embarked on the weak era of literati rule. A feast of Hongmen, Xiang Yu, who has a thick and unconcerned mind, should have set Liu Bang to death. If so, the infinite rivers and mountains must be attributed to themselves. However, the murderous banquet was suddenly overwhelmed by many ministers and advisers. Liu Bang was also able to ride alone, return to the camp, and sway the whip. The politicians who are racing in the world will always be The wine has an atmosphere that is often impenetrable. The green plum is ripe, and the wine is invited. Liu Bei should go to Cao Cao��s appointment. Cao Cao��s remarks about the heroes of the world, such as the fire and the savage strategy, only shocked Liu Bei��s timidity. If there was no spring thunder in the flat, how could he conceal the seamlessness of the past, the beauty and the wine are literati and heroes. A persistent pursuit. The literati hold the night reading, but the red sleeves are added to create a poetic atmosphere. A "Liao Zhai", this warm theme is vividly depicted. Heroes and beautiful people cherish each other, and behind them will be the sad song of love. Zhang Shengzhi Yu Yu, Xiang Yuzhi Yu Yuji, all interpret this beautiful topic. Like the legendary beauty of the country Marlboro Lights, the wine is also like. The indulgence of stunned drinking has been abound in China for more than two thousand years. Not to mention Xia Wei, Shang Yang, even the Southern Tang Dynasty, who is now a different person, Li Wei, is also criticized by later generations for his poetry and wine. What is floating in the wine is not only the poetic scent, but also the deadly bitterness. A cup of medicinal liquor, so that the cowardly poet Guojun Li Wei accompanied the "Spring Flowers and Autumn Moon" to the soul of the West, is an unspeakable pain and suffering. However, between the pages that have already been yellowed, there are still faint clears from time to time.
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