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d provided more total value than Cam Newt Antworten

Cam Newton has come in for plenty of criticism for his behaviour following defeat in Super Bowl 50, but Alex Ferguson says hes not the first.Newton: I am a sore loser Cam Newton makes no apologies for behaviour I remember being at Super XLII when David Tyree caught the Helmet Catch that kept the New York Giants in the game against the New York Patriots and led to Plaxico Burress game-leading touchdown. No cheering in the press box? It wasnt cheering so much as a cry of shock to heaven and earth. I still cant believe it.I also remember Tom Brady getting sacked at the end by Jay Alford and a dismal Hail Mary attempt which ended the Pats Super Bowl chances and dream of completing an unbeaten season. After the game I went down to the madness known as the post-match press conferences, and Brady was standing there. Defensive tackle Jay Alford of the New York Giants sacks quarterback Tom Brady of the New England Patriots in 2008 He was asked what throws hed like to have back after a 299-yard, one touchdown performance - where he was sacked five times too, and he said: Pretty much all of em. He added: Were usually on the better side of those three-point wins, referring to the 17-14 score.Those comments could also be described as sour grapes. After all, Cam Newtons grumpiness at his postgame press conference led to him being called a cry baby over a lack of joy for Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos following Sundays match. Newton walked out of his Super Bowl 50 press conference following boastful comments from the Denver Broncos Chris Harris Brady wasnt exactly effervescent when he was fielding a barrage of questions on the podium, either.Could it be that its probably difficult to be pleased for your opposition when the opportunity of a lifetime (in both quarterbacks case) has been plucked away…..and you havent had a particularly good game?The media - both social and journalists themselves - have made too much of it. There are some people who have said that the reason why the media have been critical of Newtons postgame walk-off is that its the kryptonite the sharks have been looking for. They dont like Superman doing his thing - by which we mean be a decent person, look like hes actually enjoying playing in the NFL, and giving footballs to kids, all while leading the Carolina Panthers to a 17-1 record (going into Super Bowl 50).And Newton - like Brady (although he never said it at the time) - didnt apologise for being a bit grumpy after the loss. Super Bowl talking points We look back at Super Bowl 50 Show me a good loser and Ill show you a loser, he said, adding: I dont have to conform to what everybody wants. I am my own person.But there may be something more sinister going on than people just annoyed about a postgame press conference.Shaun King of the New York Daily News noted Mannings Super Bowl XLIV loss to the Saints in 2010: With time still remaining on the clock, Peyton did something that Cam Newton would have been absolutely skewered for - he left the field. He didnt congratulate the opposing quarterback Drew Brees, as is customary. He didnt shake any hands. He didnt try to smile. He just bailed. Peyton Manning and Marvin Harrison of the Indianapolis Colts talk on the bench after a touchdown against the St. Louis In 2010 there was controversy after Manning walked away. A US sports reporter said: Walking off the field without congratulating Drew Brees may go against our misguided notion of what sportsmanship should be, but it wasnt at all disrespectful or bitter. It shows how much Peyton Manning wanted to win the game. And who can argue about that?I cant argue with it. After all, what did we expect? Cam Newton to join Manning in the postgame press conference and offer to drink Budweisers with him and lead the party all the way to Disneyland?The press needs to chill out about this Cam Newton business. After all, hes got no more tears to shed.Also See:WATCH: Why Cam walked outNewton: I am a sore loserSuper Bowl 50 talking pointsBroncos win Super Bowl 50Clearance Football Jerseys Throwback . Just not the game. Kyle Palmieri scored two straight goals in the third period to rally the Anaheim Ducks past the Philadelphia Flyers 3-2 on Tuesday night. Football Jerseys Throwback Outlet .4 million title. Ryan Riess emerged with the title after a session in which he started behind, but used expert skill to gather the chips to his side amid the unpredictability of no-limit Texas Hold em. Riess put his final opponent Jay Farber all-in with an Ace-King. . Already owning gold from competition in Vancouver in 2010, Loch posted a combined four-run time of 3:27.526. That included a track-record third run of 51. Wholesale Football Jerseys Throwback . Louis Rams wide receiver Stedman Bailey last Sunday. The fine is the fourth this season for Goldson. He was fined $30,000 for a hit on the New York Jets Jeff Cumberland in Week 1. Cheap Football Jerseys Throwback China . -- Charline Labonte couldnt have asked for a better homecoming.The 2016 Heisman Trophy race has the potential to be among the best in college football history. The 2015 winner, Derrick Henry, is gone, but four of the next five vote-getters from last season -- Christian McCaffrey, Deshaun Watson, Baker Mayfield and Leonard Fournette -- return. How do these front-runners stack up? With the help of some advanced stats, we look ahead to this star-studded season by taking a look back at these four players success in 2015.Expected Points Added accounts for the game situation (down, distance, yard line) to determine how much a team, player or unit contributes to its net scoring margin on every play. An individual players Total EPA is the sum of the EPA on plays he is directly involved in (passes, rushes, receptions, returns, etc.)Quarterback Points Added measures the total production of a quarterback compared with what an average quarterback (average = QBR of 50) would be expected to have, taking into account efficiency, usage and level of competition.Comparing the RBsThe Heisman Trophy is a stat-driven award, but looking only at yards and touchdowns is an incomplete representation of a players impact. The problem with traditional stats is they dont account for when those stats are compiled (a 5-yard gain on second-and-5 is different from one on third-and-10) or how they impact a teams success. By accounting for game situation, expected points added provides a truer representation of a running backs overall impact on the game. No running back had a greater impact last season than Stanfords Christian McCaffrey, whose plays (rushing, receiving and returns) contributed 112 points to Stanfords nnet scoring margin -- thats about 20 percent more than any other player in the country!McCaffrey broke Barry Sanders record for all-purpose yards in a season (3,864), so while his rushing numbers may not stack up with those of Leonard Fournette or Derrick Henry, his overall impact was unmatched.dddddddddddd In terms of EPA, McCaffreys plays added 48 points on the ground, 45 through the air and 19 on returns. No other player has had that large of a single-season impact in each phase of the game since 2005.Comparing the QBsQB points added measures the total production of a quarterback compared with what an average quarterback (average = QBR of 50) would be expected to have, taking into account efficiency, usage and level of competition. By this measure, no quarterback came close to adding more total value to his team last season than Deshaun Watson, who added 134 more points than an average QB would have with the same number of plays. Where does Baker Mayfield stack up? His 78 QB points added ranked 11th overall and is the fourth-highest mark among returning QBs.How does Watsons 2015 campaign match up against other all-time great single seasons? When compared to Heisman-winning QBs over the past 10 seasons, Watson had the fourth-most points added and provided more total value than Cam Newton, Tim Tebow and Jameis Winston in their Heisman-winning seasons. Amazingly, all signs point to Watson having an even more efficient and impactful season in 2016. No wonder he enters as the Heisman front-runner. ' ' '



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