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Fifteen years ago, I stood at the entrance of the village, frequently looking back and leaving my hometown. I took the train and came to Yichang City. For fifteen years, standing at the gate of Yichang City, I am filled with emotion: It is Yichang, which has brought me a colorful life. Standing at the gate of Yichang City, I feel: Here, I find what I love to do and use it as my business. After fifteen years of tempering, I grew up from a little girl who was not a world to a mother who was a little bit. From the information center, the 16th Jianhuan, Qingda Company, the Communist Youth League Committee Newport 100S, the Three Gorges Hope Newspaper, the Railway Dam Primary School, the Desheng Street Primary School, and the Cultural Palace, all the way, my work has been changing for fifteen years, but I am I found that I have never changed it with my child. When I gave birth to a child, I understood: Since you like it so much, then take this as a business. Ever since, I understand that from now to forever, my work will not be changed. I will continue to the old, until the day I can't do it, because only I know it: just because I like it. Standing at the gate of Yichang City, I feel: Here, I found someone who loves me and someone I love. I don't belong to the kind of natural beauty, the kind of people who frequently look back, ordinary people have to walk on the street to make people turn a blind eye. Because I am fat, black, and short. However, God is very concerned about me, let me talk about three loves. The first time he loved me, but I didn't love him very much; the second time I loved him Cheap Cigarettes, but he didn't love me; the third time, I found someone who loves me and someone I love. Now, although I can't get along with him, our feelings are very harmonious and get along very well. There is a poem: If the two emotions are long-lasting, they will linger in the dynasty. Although he also longed for his broad arms and wanted to rely on him for a while, he told me that it was impossible. But I have no regrets, because I know in my heart that he thinks about us in the same distance. I understand that when you choose a person, you choose a lifestyle. I choose, I have to like it. Standing at the gate of Yichang City, I feel: Here, I found my friend and got along. It is enough to say that life is known. Indeed, when the newspaper office went to work, there were many contacts and many friends, but they could really enter the heart, two or three. I have two or three friends like this. When I have a happy thing, I can share it with it. A happy one becomes two happy things. When I have a pain, I talk to it, and a pain becomes half a pain. When I have difficulties, I have With their help, the problem will be solved. I understand that I have two or three friends and I am very happy. Standing at the gate of Yichang City, I feel: these are the colorful life that makes me feel good. At the same time, I also understand that I will spend the rest of my life here. I am happy to stand at the gate of Yichang City every day. I feel: Here, more people will find their own happy life Carton Of Cigarettes... Because Yichang City testified: Only pay, there will be gains!
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