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Ok, kids, listen to me--"The old man smiled and watched the last child sit on the carpet at his feet, turning his head to look at the "beeping" fire, the fire on his face Jumping, "This happened when I was young, hey, it was exactly a few decades ago. At that time, even your parents had not been there." Well, I said Wholesale Cigarettes, I was still young at that time, and Every young man is as enthusiastic and uneasy. At that time, the devil worship, I have searched a lot of devil signs, the so-called ancient charms, I even want to get a tattoo to show off to my friends. Of course, I Parents strongly oppose, they are all devout believers, they are all good people... I can't remember how many times I have been quarreling with them, how many times I have left home. Anyway, you know, my longest record of leaving home. It was three days. After three days, because I missed my mother��s cake too much, I couldn��t help but go home again. The old man laughed with the children. He patted the boy��s back sitting on the arm of his chair and said, ��There is One day, I suddenly asked myself, I Is doing it? For a group of ridiculous devils, I wasted a lot of time, mentally empty, blind and stupid, and almost broke down with my parents. In short, what benefits they did not bring to me. I forgot about them, went to church to regret, worship, study seriously, study at university, and have a pretty good job "Is it an engineer?" asked the boy on the arm of the chair. "Oh, boy, you know me very well." The old man raised his eyebrows with amazement. "Yes, it��s an engineer. For the next ten years, I live a quiet life, busy every day, running here, running. I lived like a bee. I began to feel bored, tired, and feel empty in my mind. And here, too. The old man said, poke his heart. He stared at the depths of the flame, the voice was depressed, and then opened. It��s like talking to himself: ��I plan to run away. I squatted and ran a lot of places, trying to find a real paradise, or a paradise, or whatever you call it. My mind can live there, don't worry about any confusing chores Newport Cigarettes, just think, read, and enrich your heart... Hey, I really went a lot, from North America to South America, and then crossed the Atlantic Ocean. Europe, "Have you found that paradise? The old man looked back at the little girl who asked. Her long hair was behind her and it looked like she was coming out of a fairy tale. The old man leaned forward and smiled. Mysterious meaning: "Of course, child. Believe it or not, I found a garden in a desert. Oh, it would be better to say that the garden found me because I was thirsty to die and fell weakly in the desert Carton Of Cigarettes. The people in the garden saved me. Children, I really hope that you can also go there and see, it is simply the Garden of Eden. There are blooming flowers and lush trees everywhere, and the air is filled with the scent of vegetation, which makes people want to lie there and never sleep. The wonderful thing is that there is something I want: wise men, books, classical music, everything that will make you forget troubles and chores. I thought I would stay there all the time. "Do you think?" The boy on the armrest pointed out sharply. The old man laughed: "Yes, smart child. I will be paralyzed soon after I stay there. The whole person is paralyzed. I mean, my heart is full, my mind is active, I am satisfied, but my physical condition is going straight. Next, and sometimes I will have an inexplicable feeling of guilt about my work and my wife and children, even I can��t tell why.�� Another often silent boy suddenly interjected: ��Maybe that��s The place where the soul lives is not allowed to exist." "Oh, I can't say it." The old man smiled awkwardly. "I have to leave anyway, only occasionally go back and look at it. I feel that my heart is beginning to change." It��s vulgar, when you need that garden.�� ��Is this a real thing?�� Oh, kids, I just want to tell you that a person needs a garden of the soul, not the boring thing that the devil worships, but one that can make I temporarily put down all the work and quietly think about it. But just as we can't always stay away from the garden, we can't stay there anymore, or we will forget how to live. The true wise man knows how to balance the relationship between the two. The old man smiled quietly. "The garden in the desert is of course compiled by me, but why can't this story be true?"
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