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Thousands of worlds Antworten

Thousands of worlds, all beings. It��s hard to find another thing like him, her or it! To be exact, it should be impossible. Fallen leaves, falling on my shoulders, like a yellow butterfly, gently rubbing it with your hand, the clear lines are like a lifeline, more like a myriad of life paths. The branches are the basis for making choices. The branch is the option you choose. Just like "A, B, C, D" in the math problem, it may be a single choice, perhaps a double choice. The dead yellow mesophyll cells have completely lost their activity, and the life of this leaf ends. However, when it falls into the soil, it still lives in the spirit of dedication. So I learned the burial flower of the jade, and buried the leaf in the soil. Looking back at its appearance, it seems that there have been more places that you can't read. It is not easy to fully understand a leaf. After all, it is a unique rose petal that gives a romantic and warm feeling. When she is still standing on the branches, the smooth surface, bright layers, small and exquisite, seems to be the most beautiful. When she was on the edge of the flower bed, the wind burst through her skin and took away the water. She became dry and the color turned into a mature dark red, just like the long maturity, the mellow fragrance that was not originally produced Newport 100S, which should have been brewing for a long time. Whether it is life or death, it is so noble and elegant, it is amazing. But we only saw their appearance, but did not understand, could not see through, can not understand their heart. Have they experienced difficulties and obstacles? Must have. Then, are they dazzling and noble because they have experienced hardships? Maybe I still can't read it after all. How amazing and beautiful the creatures of nature are Newport Cigarettes Coupons. This world is enough to make God amazed enough to make him proud Marlboro Gold. As one of the mortal beings, I only follow my own inner thoughts to observe, to explore, to read the humble part of the world, to be a thoughtful reader, to discover countless uniqueness, and then to appreciate the unique setting of God, then Entered the initial stage of the reader.
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