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It's hard to talk about a book, a book, especially a unique novel like this! I don't know where to write, what to talk about, maybe it attracts me too much, so that it makes me pause
Time is confused, it is difficult to decide a work in the 1950s, how to allow women in the tide of the commodity economy to maintain due dignity and carry forward the spirit of self-reliance and self-reliance Parliament Cigarettes. She is the famous British female writer Charlotte. The book "Jane Eyre" written by Brown features a "Cinderella" character who does not succumb to worldly pressures, is independent and motivated, and has strong artistic power that shocks the soulharlotte Bronte had an unfortunate encounter that made her finally devote herself to literature, and her noble soul was miserable under the influence of luck. Charlotte's suffering in this world has almost reached the limit that people can bear. She has lived, created, tasted the pain of life, and experienced the beauty of creating a new life. Literature is another beautiful life that she longs for. She walked through this life with strength, making her works mainly describe the loneliness of the poor and the resistance and struggle.�� The spirit of resistance, struggle and strength is also reflected in the heroine Jane Eyre of Jane Eyre. She endured unfortunate encounters from an early age, but she was strong and unyielding and turned grief and indignation into strength, not only making rapid progress in her studies. At the same time gained the understanding of teachers and classmates. However, the recognized Jane Eyre has fallen into the huge vortex of love, but she has a very strong personality and maintains her noble dignity. She is generous in the presence of her rivals, and she calmly faces the aggressiveness of Miss Ingram. In front of Rochester, she never felt infinite inferiority because she was a low-quality tutor. She thought they were equal and should not be given the respect of her master because she was a servant. And because her integrity and purity of heart were not despised by others, Rochester was very ashamed, respected her, and fell in love with her. But Jane learned that Rochester's ex-wife was still alive and left. But eventually returned to Rochester, who had nothing. One of my favorite words in this book is-"We are equal ... at least we stand before God on an equal footing through the grave." In fact, it is true between people, although people are rich There is no distinction between peace and poverty Cigarettes Online, but there is no distinction between nobility and inferiority. We cannot treat or treat others with wealth, rights and other materials. Everyone is on the same starting line Marlboro Lights, and then go to create a wonderful life for themselves. They are not ahead of each other because they were born in the famous family. "Everyone is equal, waiting for everyone." That's what it means ... �� "Jane Eyre" tells us the value of people = dignity + love. Its uniqueness lies not only in the authenticity and strong appeal of the novel, but also in its novel Rich lyrical brushwork and deep psychological descriptions, showing the tortuous love experiences of male and female protagonists, self-reliance personality and beautiful classics. It is a spiritual resource for the pursuit of freedom and equality, a feminine totem pole standing upright, and one of the best in the world. From generation to generation, young people in the country often enter the appreciation field of British and even world literature. We must maintain the dignity of human nature and the freedom of the soul. No matter how severe challenges or cruel trials we face, we must strive for hard work to win!
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