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Time is like a small river that never stops, flowing hurriedly and quietly through people. Unconsciously, a memorable 20XX year left in a hurry, ushered in a new year, and began another journey of people. The annual party finally came again, and the students had to come to the school early. As soon as you enter the classroom, you can see that the four characters "Celebrate New Year's Day" are located in the middle of the blackboard. The table in the classroom is laid out in a U shape, and the table is filled with delicious food and a few. Many roses are waiting to be placed, which makes our classroom more beautiful and more atmosphere. At the same time, the two monitors walked onto the podium, and the party kicked off with the laughter of the students. First, A Xin and Lin Lin played , They sang a song "The Memory of Seven Seconds" together. They deserved to be masters. The whole class was attracted by their singing. When they finished singing, we could not help applauding and cheering for them. However, Unfortunately, it was not my turn to play in the first game. I was anxiously waiting for applause. I heard the host call my name and sing "Elope to the Moon Marlboro Red." At first I was very nervous, my heart beat faster and faster, but I was singing I started to enter the state, and finally, Kung Fu was not dissatisfied. After my own efforts, the class looked like the flowers of the four seasons. My singing touched the students. They also recognized my singing and gave me a warm heart. Applause. The third It's Ou Xiaodi and Xiao Ou's crosstalk "I am 110", which makes everyone laugh and laugh. All applause just stopped. Xiaoling's erhu brought us into the vast Inner Mongolia prairie. We seemed to have The feeling of riding a horse Marlboro Lights. The feeling of riding a horse on the prairie and being blown by the wind is really great. The singing is so beautiful! It ��s fascinating and deeply intriguing. If I were a judge, I would definitely Give her a perfect score of -10. The last one is Zirui's guitar performance "Green Sleeves", and the singing is refreshing! After the performance, the monitor announced: "The game" Idiom Solitaire "begins. "Everyone is divided into two groups, men and women to compete. The first is the boys group, starting with Xiao Di:" Da Yi kills the parents. "After that, the students picked up one after another, and it seemed that the full-story idiom students couldn't finish talking Wholesale Cigarettes. After the boys group finished, the girls group was turned. The girls were not like boys. It stood there dumb. So in the end, of course, the boy group won, but the discipline of the girl group is much better than the boy group. Finally, we let everyone sing the song "Happy New Year" and ended the fun in the song. New Year's Day Party
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