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One afternoon after the end of July, I returned home from school. Before I had time to unload my schoolbag, I saw my mother leaning over a white carton Newport Cigarettes. The box is about half the size of a bedside table. There is a picture on the outside. It is strikingly written with the words "Shunfeng original delivery". But I didn't pay attention to those words. I only saw two words. In my mind, it seemed to be bold, and I squeezed out other words and caught my eyes. The two words are "Matsutake." I seemed to be a little unstable when I walked at that moment It took more effort to get rid of the shoes than usual, and I felt like I was going to fall down. Suddenly, I had a strong desire for knowledge, trying to figure out whether the box corresponds to the package. So I asked, even the language was not organized, and then I heard a brisk answer: "Matsutake, my first impression of Matsutake was from an article written by a Japanese female writer entered in a magazine Wholesale Cigarettes. She had the experience of eating pine mushrooms in her childhood. She said that it was the era of Japan's "bubble economy". Although the family was not rich, there were all kinds of good things to send, and one time I sent the country of Matsubara (Japan) to produce Matsutake. She wrote the smell of pine mushroom and spread it indoors, like bringing the forest to the house. I was a little fascinated at the time, cooking the forest to eat, what is the feeling? I am unfamiliar with the taste of the forest, more familiar with the sea, the sea The oysters, scallops, oysters, the first two should be boiled to eat, especially simmering, hot to catch the most delicious, there is a sea that can not tell the unclear taste. However, the best is not available. The pine mushroom that was written in the forest is the god of the moon, but it has become a white moonlight in my heart. It lasted for a long time. On the evening table, there was a plate of yellow fried pine mushrooms, and the mushrooms were cut into pieces and fried. Become deep I bite it up to be brittle. Before I eat it, I have to clip it to the front, in order to catch a glimpse of the forest after being polluted by the spatula and butter. My mother is skilled in cooking, and the pine mushroom is sandwiched by sea salt. The butter dripped slowly from the top, and the aroma was also charming, but it was far from my imagination. I had some disappointment. My mother also sent a feeling that it was delicious, but is it not a common mushroom? How to sell it so expensive? More than three thousand pounds, I look at the table, the look of Matsutake has changed a bit, hundreds of dollars a dish, only full of appetite. What is the problem with human beings? It grows deep in the plateau above 5,000 meters above sea level, but the act of human beings as a treasure is terrible. It is not too expensive, the law of the market economy, but I have a back Cold sweat
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