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The road is long and Antworten

The road is long and the pace is hurried. Hurrying, we head to the distance, to the place where our dreams bloom. When the first rays of morning light climbed onto the lazy bed quilt, I got up from the quilt and carried my schoolbag on my back to the campus. One by one, in a hurry, students in the early morning rushed towards the campus in the chill of Ling Yan, toward the temple of knowledge. The schoolbag behind me shook, and I walked through the long corridor, silently greeted by lush trees on both sides, and I walked forward. The sun was pouring down, and the gold was diffused. A school sister was standing in front of the window, reading aloud English, with rounded sounds, fluent English, and fluttered out of her mouth, as if sounding notes, intoxicating. Her tone, dense and fast, her expression, focused and serious, can not help but get involved. The sun shone on her and set her a gold edge. Her gaze, clear and transparent, reflected the hope of life, radiating beautifully with enthusiasm. I can't help but resonate in my heart. On the road of pursuing dreams, too, there are too many people who are running forward like Xuejie. They are also road rushers and go forward in the storm. We study hard. If you chase me after the test room, why not rush? Bit by bit, minute by minute. When in class, a pair of focused eyes, a eager look, a little more time to think, a little more certainty. In the examination room, we faced a limited amount of time, with black and white letters, flying nibs, and thoughts flying, just to submit a perfect answer sheet. And why aren't we rushing into life? The hurried steps are deep and shallow, bravely moving towards the future direction and dream direction. Unknown difficulties, unknown road rover, along the way, there are pain and suffering, but also the fragrance overflowing, Yinggeyanwu. Perhaps it is dark on one side and light on the other. However, we have no choice but to move forward. Time is running out and Bai Ku has passed. We have no time to hesitate. In today's fast-paced life, we can only move forward to dreams. The road ahead has long paved the way for us Wholesale Cigarettes, and the ups and downs along the way have been prepared. The way is to rush. All we have to do is invigorate, smile, raise our heads, and move forward firmly to this great future. Fearless darkness, fearless frustration, the road is ahead, and the dream is ahead. [Section 7] As long as the road is right, there must be an end point waiting for me to arrive. ����The inscription people always hurry, that is because they have a goal. Those who hurry are calm and calm, because they firmly believe that the road is right ... Hurrying can also be a treat. Have you looked up on a rainy day? The sky that rain walks through is really beautiful. Lame on a busy cross street, accompanied by raindrops, and choose a road Newport Cigarettes Coupons... Watching the streets that become messy in the rain: private cars, battery cars, and bicycles are inseparable, like a bowl of noodles that has been cold for a long time Cigarettes For Sale. I walked to the corner of the road and would not be found. Many of their walkers hurried away with heavy gray-black umbrellas, and I, not one of them, I found the right direction and continued to move forward. However, even if I wanted to go quickly, I could only follow The slowly moving crowd moved forward a little bit, and they had to keep an eye on the heel of the previous person, for fear of stepping on him, I had nowhere to hide in the crowd. Do not! I shouldn't rush this way. I went into a narrow alley against the trajectory of the crowd. I firmly believe that the road is right ... In such a quiet alley, I didn't feel that I was slowly moving the umbrella handle that I held up. Hou moved and saw the wet half of the sky. The raindrops fell from the sky with six gods, and caressed my face ... I walked aimlessly, walking, and I saw the end point of my belonging-home. The journey may be wonderful or boring. It only depends on whether you can find the world road that belongs to you. Even if there is only us on the road, as long as the road is right, there must be an end point waiting for us to arrive. We are doing this kind of thing all the time, either on the road, on the road to study, or on the road in life. There is no need to go far away, just paint our world into the way we like, enough.
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