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This is my dad, he is really great! "This sentence is the first sentence of this picture book of" My Dad " Online Cigarettes, and it is the word that runs through the entire book. Just this sentence makes me seem to see a loving, great father who is a child Pride. Parents, are you the pride of your children? Children, you should all have a great dad. "My dad is not afraid of anything, not even the badass big wolf. "Child, what's the scariest thing in your eyes? Is there only a big wolf in a fairy tale? Because your dad protected you in his castle (our home), your dad won't be afraid of anything for you, he will You overcome all difficulties. Child, in fact, Dad still has a lot of things to fear. He is afraid of you being sick, he is afraid of you being unhappy, he is afraid of you. One day, if you lose your parent's company, one person feels that the lonely father is not afraid of anything. Because he loves you; Dad is afraid of many things, and also because he loves you "He can jump over the moon and walk high-altitude ropes (will not fall)", because he wants to show you, he wants to walk You see, "He dares to wrestle with the Hercules", is there you in the stands? "He easily ran first in the games", needless to say, you must cheer him at the end Isn't it right that your dad does not have to "eat as much as a horse" or "swim as fast as a fish", but in your eyes, he must also have a special place to be as strong as a gorilla. " Can easily and easily You are in my arms Cigarettes Online, and carried them shoulder; he was "as happy, like a hippopotamus," because he wanted happiness to you. I think your dad must be great. Dad sometimes helps you learn. Plus, minus, multiply, and divide. He is really "smart as an owl." Combing your hair into a broom, that's making you happy. Your dad is really good. Your dad may not dance softly and sing well enough. But, kid, do you particularly like to watch Dad dancing and listening to Dad singing? Because he is dancing for you and singing for you. Is your dad really "technical in football"? The point is not here Marlboro Lights. The point is that Dad is playing with you. He wants you to grow up happily every day. He often makes you laugh and laugh. However, he is really great, does he love you, do n��t he children? Remember, Dad may not be perfect, but everything he does for you is because, and only because: he loves you too Love forever
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